Venus goes retrograde for about six weeks until September 6 (there’s that 40 days and 40 nights thing again), and promises interesting times for relationships as well as creative endeavors.
This is usually not a good time to start a love affair, or be seduced by your sexuality into misbehaving. You will tend to pay too dearly for the experience. And being retrograde (think backwards), there is often a temptation to return to a previous relationship (stalking Facebook again?) or try to make a bad one work.

In reality, it is a great time to bury the relationship past, let go of the fantasies, and allow for karmic closure.
We also need to be aware of overspending on luxury items, particularly jewelry and clothes, but we can get the good deal on expensive items that are not valued appropriately by the seller (like vintage jewelry in a flea market). It’s also a good time to sell your unwanted items as well.

But there is also another side, a spiritual side, to a Venus retrograde. This is an excellent time to study inspirational literature from the past, and to heal the heart chakra from all past hurts.  Singing kirtan, chanting bhakti mantras, and falling in love with divine expressions of the One go extremely well doing this period.
And you can also explore creativity as form of being in the meditative flow. Interestingly enough, creative projects done just for you go better than a commercial expression, so maybe it’s time you learned to make a mala or design a new altar.
If you are feeling lost during this time, chant “Om Shukra Namah” to Venus and stay off the dating websites. Love always returns, and Venus is busy proving it!




This month Jupiter leaves the Vedic sign of Cancer and enters Leo where it will remain for about one year.  This is a major change for everyone, and Jupiter usually brings benefits to the area of your life that the sign Leo is associated with.

To find out the best results, use your Vedic Moon sign (which is often not the same as your Western Moon sign) and read what Jupiter may bring you over the next 12 months.

You can also use your Vedic rising sign to get more secondary information about how this new placement of Jupiter will affect you. And if you do not know either your Moon sign or rising sign, then you can use your Vedic Sun sign and read the following descriptions of how Jupiter will exert its positive influence in your life.

And if you do not know any of these things, maybe it’s time you saw your Vedic astrologer!

Find the sign of your Moon, Sun or Ascendant (Rising Sign) and discover how Jupiter will generally exert its influence over you for the next year:

ARIES Create, create, create! There is a new alignment of mental creativity and psychological satisfaction that brings forth new projects, recognition and honor. If you are the right age, it also supports giving birth to a child. All creative enterprises bring great joy and satisfaction. Financial speculation goes very well if we do not throw all caution away.

TAURUS Jupiter may want us to redecorate, remodel, or otherwise improve our living surroundings. There can be a real tendency to over expend in this area, particularly as we really want to beautify our home. In general, we tend to feel happy, the emotions are good, and the relationship with the mother (or being a mother!) improves.

GEMINI Jupiter brings good luck to short journeys, our siblings, and can bring a renewed sense of confidence and self-belief. This is a good time to expand our ambitions and have courage to accomplish our goals. Self-expression and communication goes well, but we may also find ourselves having to manage an ever-expanding flow of information.

CANCER Jupiter can now help you relax and enjoy the pleasures of life. There is usually professional and personal recognition, and our words and speaking can be very inspiring. There is often an influx of money and wealth, perhaps connected with family, but we may also experience a need to pay more attention to our spiritual responsibilities.

LEO Jupiter is now in your sign and this brings a sense of expansion to all areas of your life, particularly how you see yourself and your identity. It usually brings good health, but there could be a tendency to weight gain or water retention. It often renews our interest in spirituality and can also be beneficial for our children.

VIRGO This brings Jupiter into the area of your life connected with meditation, foreign travel, and the bedroom. Positively, you may be able to greatly expand and advance in your meditation practice and other countries or foreign influences can bring prosperity. Yet there is also a possibility of expanding our debt or spending too much time in bed.

LIBRA However you define prosperity, material or spiritual, Jupiter has got your name on it. This is year for gains of all sorts – you only need to be clear about what it is you really need. Partnerships become joyous, pleasant travels, and good cooperation with older siblings and your friends. A feeling of all around happiness pervades this time.

SCORPIO Jupiter gives you a great year to expand the career or add something new to your activities in the outside world. Remember your career is also about the other things you do with your life’s energies besides making money. This could be the year you discover a new expansive side to your ability to accomplish our goals.

SAGITTARIUS Teach or find a teacher! You are in for a great year in all things related to higher knowledge, credentialed professions, and even long-distance travel. There can be an addition to the family (maybe that cute kitten?), festive celebrations, and prosperity. This would be the year for that spiritual pilgrimage or extensive purification practice.

CAPRICORN It is likely there will be some sort of unexpected wealth, maybe from a $50 rebate off your car insurance to the million dollar great-aunt you had forgotten about. This is also a good time to seek higher knowledge through the occult, yoga, and all transformational practices. You may also benefit from therapeutic endeavors as well as ancient knowledge.

AQUARIUS This is like spring time for all relationships! Good beginnings for new relationships, fresh growth in established ones. Relax your sometimes serious nature and enjoy the pleasures of life, particularly those that can be found in the bedroom (and we’re not talking about watching television). Your power of speech and intelligence are extensively recognized.

PISCES Health should be good during this year, but we do need to be mindful of the diet, particularly sweets. Karma yoga, service as meditation, is an excellent practice now. Good results usually come from litigation this year and enemies can become friends. See if you can see the opportunities in what appear to be obstacles and you will do well!