Welcome to ARIES!
April is Aries month with the Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Ketu, the planet of past karma, all in the sign of the Ram.

Planets in Aries create a strong desire for self-realization. The sense of self is first strengthened and then transcended as the ego moves from self-centeredness to spiritual awareness. On a more mundane level, Aries energy can sometimes lead one to impulsively and quickly commit to a yoga practice or spiritual path only to leave it later when the newness wears off. The lesson this month is to couple the strong initiating energy of Aries with a commitment to seeing it through to self-actualization.

And we have a good opportunity to do this because Saturn, the planet of commitment, is directly opposite all these planets in its exalted sign of Libra. With this steady aspect of Saturn on all these planets, the impulsivity and strong energy of Aries can be modified and we can all make great strides in our personal, professional and romantic lives.

Venus enters Aries on April 10th, bringing an assertive nature to our romantic lives and relationships. Don’t be surprised if people are more aggressive in expressing their personal needs and feelings. With Saturn’s influence, we may be able to turn that crazy one-night stand into a lifetime of commitment. Or we may just have several more crazy one-night stands! Love is in the air. (And if you had a fling on April 9th when Mars and Venus were conjunct in Pisces, you may find it progressing rapidly throughout this month).
Mars follows closely behind Venus as it enters Aries on April 12. Mars is very comfortable in Aries, more so than Venus, so I’m predicting some of these intense relationships have more fire than water this month. So sex is in the air as well. And if you felt things were blocked last month, Mars will clear the path – or push everybody out of the way!

The Sun enters Aries as well on the 13th, in its exalted sign. We’ll look at more what this means in our next newsletter, due out mid-month, but it’s an excellent placement for the Sun!

Mercury finally comes into Aries on the 28th. The mental processes and even our speech will be speeded up. It will be a welcome relief from the time Mercury spent in Pisces beginning April 9th.  Mercury in Pisces is debilitated, and its time in that sign can weaken our mental functioning. The mind will be cloudy and vacillating before it takes on the Aries energy near the end of this month. Such a relief!

During this time, Ketu the planet of past karma will be in Aries and bring its influence to these planets and what they represent in our lives.  For example, among other things, the Sun represents the father or authority figure in our lives, Mars represents brothers, Venus our significant relationship, and Mercury our younger siblings.  You can expect that one of these relationships this month will have some interesting past karmic repercussions – hey, it’s not necessarily bad!

When Venus passes over Ketu on April 28th, there will be an intense focus on the past karmas of our current relationships as well as our past relationships in general. Ketu and Venus together can either bring a strong spiritual quality to a relationship or it can cause the relationship to end. This might be a good day to have a yoga date!

And on top of that, the Sun moves exactly opposite to Saturn on the 28th as well! The Sun and Saturn are in opposition like this only once a year, but in this case both planets are also exalted! This is a once in a 30-year occasion. So what does it mean?

It depends on what the Sun and Saturn are doing in your birth chart. But in general, this can mean a dramatic culmination in the career and/or a relationship, and since both planets are exalted, there is a potential for a very beneficial outcome, particularly with people in positions of authority. This seems to be a good time, especially with Mercury also joining Aries this day.

There will be a lot going, everything will be moving fast, and one thing is for sure: You won’t be the same after April!

Enjoy this beautiful and special Spring!

The Sun enters the Vedic sign of Aries, marking a time when strong physical yoga practices such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Kundalini Yoga can bring special benefits. Asanas are highlighted during this period and the Warrior Pose sequence (or Archer in Kundalini Yoga) can be perfected.

The Aries Sun Person

If you were born between April 14 to May 14, you are an Aries Sun according to Vedic Astrology. This is the most powerful sign for the Sun to be situated. It is the sign ruled by the planet Mars. Those thus influenced are generally powerful people, both in mind and body, as well as in spirit. These are people that feel born to lead. They usually have good discretion and ideas for material, as well as spiritual, advancement. Goal setters, extremely competitive and quite intelligent, they are unforgettable personalities. They’re not afraid to get involved and sometimes they may push themselves too hard. They may earn great wealth, yet, at times, not have much more than they need to keep body and soul together. These people like to travel and may become well known.

The Aries Yogi

The Aries Sun Yogi is independent, self-expressive, courageous, competitive, and can be headstrong and impulsive.  They enjoy an athletic approach to yoga. Watch for competitiveness, pushing too hard, and jumping into a practice and then not following through.  You will need to develop the ability to stick to what you start. A high-energy yogi that can accomplish much if you don’t compete with others.

FULL MOON and LUNAR ECLIPSE: April 25 2:57 PM (Central Time)

The special news for mid-month April is the lunar eclipse that occurs in the Vedic sign of Libra while the Moon is conjunct with Saturn and Rahu and in the opposite sign from Venus, Mars, Ketu and the Sun.

Because of all this associated planetary energy around this eclipse, we may experience it throughout different areas of our lives. The good news is that the major effects of a lunar eclipse usually only last a month (unlike the more powerful solar eclipses that exert an influence for a year).

People who may experience this eclipse the most strongly have their birthdays around April 24-26 and October 27-29 as this will impact their natal Sun. Also those who have their moons or ascendants near the 12th degree of Libra will also notice this eclipse being felt in their lives.

For all of us, since this eclipse occurs along the Aries-Libra axis, it will likely bring an increased focus of self and others, how we form and express our identity through our relationships. As the Sun and Moon also represent the father and mother in general, relationships with parents may be an area we feel this energy, which could have an anxiety about it.
After the eclipse, the Moon moves into exact conjunction with Rahu the next day around 9 AM (Central). Watch out for the unfounded or hidden fears surfacing at this time.

On the good side, at the exact time of the eclipse we have Venus, Mars, Ketu and the Sun all in the 9th house, a most fortunate placement. This does bring support to our significant relationship or life partner, our brothers, our fathers and step-siblings. Jupiter will be in the 10th house at this time, lending prosperity and expansion to our careers. Mercury however is debilitated in the 8th house of Pisces, which indicates that we must be careful not to let our dreamy or impractical self subvert our discerning intelligence over the next month.

Finally the eclipsed moon will be in the nakshatra, or moon sign, of Swati. This is a time to go with the flow and forgo all aggressive behavior this day. It’s best not to travel too far and spend your time more in study and meditation. It’s a very good time for all educational and artistic pursuits, and – of course – more yoga!