April is the month for both a Lunar Eclipse (15th) and a Solar Eclipse (29th). We’ll look at the Solar Eclipse and what it means in the mid-month newsletter in two weeks. Meanwhile, lets look at what happens on April 15th (other than your Tax Day!).

LUNAR ECLIPSE: April 15 2:42 AM (Central Time)

The Lunar Eclipse occurs on the day of the Full Moon in the Vedic sign of Libra.  The Moon will also be conjunct with Saturn and Rahu at this time, bringing in more intensity and pressure, especially for those who have a Libra Moon or Libra Rising. The good news is that the major effects of lunar eclipses usually only last for a month (unlike the more powerful solar eclipses that can exert influence for a year).

Since this eclipse occurs along the Aries-Libra axis, it will likely bring an increased focus of self and others, how we form and express our identity through our relationships. As the Moon also represents the mother, there may be anxiety, worry, or fear in this area. (For many people, this actually already begun around mid-March, the month before the eclipse). In general, there may be other unfounded or hidden fears that surface at this time.

On the good side, at the time of the eclipse we have benefic Jupiter bringing its protective energy through its 5th house aspect on the Moon, a most fortunate placement. This often means that our worries and fears do not manifest, so be careful that you are not being overly reactive on this day.

All of this is happening during the month when Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, and that suggests we must be careful to not allow our discerning intelligence be sidetracked by wishful thinking or fantasies. The energies this day are full of psychic impressions and are not conducive for making big decisions or taking new courses of action. Instead, it is a time to be meditative, reflective, and work on being centered and not becoming emotionally unstuck.

Finally the eclipsed and full moon will be in the nakshatra, or moon sign, of Chitra. This is a great day for self-improvement and working on your health, as well as all spiritual practices. Also, a good time to buy new clothes and jewelry (if you need a reason) and enjoy all creative activities. Finally, this is not a great day for marriage, but it is one of the very best times to have sex – so figure that one out!

The lunar eclipses lend themselves to strengthening and working with the moon energies, and left nostril pranayama is good for this day as it balances the lunar and emotional energy. On eclipse days, it is advised to meditate near water, or submerge in water, and increase liquid intake this day. Heal, rest, and you will gain a new emotional perspective on yourself as the eclipse passes.

And don’t forget – mail your tax returns!

SOLAR ECLIPSE: April 29 1:04 AM (Central Time)

The special news for mid-month April is the solar eclipse that occurs in the Vedic sign of Aries. People who may experience this eclipse the most strongly have their birthdays around April 27-20 and October 30-31 as this will impact their natal Sun. Also those who have their moons or ascendants in Aries or Libra will also notice this eclipse being felt in their lives. Remember that solar eclipses spread their effects for six months (until the next one in October!).

For all of us, however, the solar eclipse can bring unexpected changes and challenges as hidden areas of our lives become revealed. As the eclipse occurs two weeks after the Lunar eclipse on the 15th, the days between the eclipses call for us to develop a strong neutral mind and avoid reactivity. This will be a good time to meditate, do yoga, read inspiring books, perform acts of service and avoid major decisions and taking on big responsibilities.

As these eclipses are occurring along the Aries-Libra axis, we need to carefully manage our relationships and our partnerships as there will be a pull or struggle between self and other. Avoid impulsive or rash actions (Aries) while at the same time be aware of the dangers of indecisiveness or self-compromise (Libra).

For a more detailed look at the solar eclipse in your life, read the following descriptions based on what Vedic sign your Moon occupies at birth. You may also get some insights if you use your Vedic Sun sign and your Vedic rising sign at birth. Remember that your Vedic sign will be 23 degrees back from your Western sign and is often the sign previous to your Western sign.

If you are not sure of your Vedic signs, check with a friendly Vedic astrologer (!).


A hidden part of your personality is revealed as well as a new look at how you have been dealing with your health.


You may have a strong desire to self-isolate – meditate instead! Spend time not money.


Older siblings or friends may not be what they have appeared to be. Spend more time in service and working for humanitarian efforts.


Possible major shifts in your career begin to emerge. Consider your moves carefully and you may discover your secret passion.


Foreign influences, long distance travel, and teachers start to present themselves for your consideration. Issues around father and authority assert themselves. A great time to re-commit to a spiritual practice.


Transformation and big changes are coming. Secrets are revealed. You can achieve a breakthrough.


You may discover something new about your partner or partnership. Make peace but don’t surrender.


Create strong daily self-improvement habits and stop obsessing over secret enemies or imagined health issues.


You will discover something new about your children and your creative projects. Maybe you will decide t go back to school.


You can effectively deal with a lurking problem that may been connected to your home or mother – or maybe a debilitating emotional dynamic that you can now release.


What are you afraid of? Now is the time to exert your courage and develop your self-motivation.


Old family issues may come around again and this time you can finally heal them. Also, you may discover that hidden talent that is ready to be used!



The Sun enters the Vedic sign of Aries, marking a time when strong physical yoga practices such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Kundalini Yoga can bring special benefits. Asanas are highlighted during this period and the Warrior Pose sequence (or Archer in Kundalini Yoga) can be perfected.

The Aries Sun Person

If you were born between April 14 to May 14, you are a Aries Sun according to Vedic Astrology. This is the most powerful sign for the Sun to be situated. It is the sign ruled by the planet Mars. Those thus influenced are generally powerful people, both in mind and body, as well as in spirit. These are people that feel born to lead. The usually have good discretion and ideas for material, as well as spiritual, advancement. Goal setters, extremely competitive and quite intelligent, they are unforgettable personalities. They’re not afraid to get involved and sometimes they may push themselves too hard. They may earn great wealth, yet, at times, not have much more than they need to keep body and soul together. These people like to travel and may become well known.

The Aries Yogi

The Aries Sun Yogi is independent, self-expressive, courageous, competitive, and can be headstrong and impulsive.  They enjoy an athletic approach to yoga. Watch for competitiveness, pushing too hard, and jumping into a practice and then not following through.  You will need to develop the ability to stick to what you start. A high-energy yogi that can accomplish much if you don’t compete with others.