An unusually nice month is shaping up astrologically after a somewhat dramatic start with the rather intimidatingly named “Blood Moon Eclipse” with the total lunar eclipse on April 4. Not to worry – blood will not necessarily be shed that night but the full moon will be drenched in a light mystical shade of crimson.

This is the shortest lunar eclipse of this century – only 5 minutes – so it will pack all of its punch into a burst of intensity. Those with moon in the Vedic sign of Virgo or Sun in Pisces can use this day to explore deep spirituality, and all of us have an opportunity to discover something that has been hidden within ourselves, good or otherwise.

After this send-off to April, the planets bring us flowers, chocolates, and back rubs as Jupiter, Venus, Mars and the Sun begin their best behavior.

Jupiter turns direct on April 8th after dithering about in retrogression for months, and we may experience this as a way to move powerfully forward, both spiritually and financially. Those who have Pisces and Sagittarius as their rising Vedic sign will finally feel like life is back on track again.

The other benefic, Venus, enters its own sign of Taurus on April 6th and everyone will enjoy its sensual influence. This is where the flowers and chocolates, literally and figuratively, come to us. Truly this is a great time to indulge all the senses with the freshness of spring, and you really should take a day off to run naked through the meadows and frolic with the nymphs and satyrs. Or at least take a scented bath and listen to Romeo and Juliette by Berlioz.

Venus’ consort, Mars, is in its own powerful sign of Aries all month long and truly brings a refreshing sense of adventure, newness, and welcomed impulsiveness to Spring. This is also a time to get physical, and you can tackle a strong asana practice in your yoga, work on your navel point, and challenge yourself to go the limit.

Finally the Sun enters its exalted sign of Aries on April 13th and joins with Mars to bring vitality and passion to all of our endeavors. Health should improve for us all the last half of this month and it is an excellent time for yogic cleansing practices, the shatkarmas, or working up a sweat outside.

Enjoy it all! Mercury goes retrograde next month – but enough of that for now!