Fools, Lovers & the Fight for Enlightenment

April 1st: Venus Exalted in Pisces

April Fools’ Day brings gifts to all lovers as the planet of relationship, Venus, enters the extremely favorable Vedic sign of Pisces. With its heightened sense of empathy, sympathy, and natural warmth in Pisces, Venus strongly desires companionship.

The only difficulty with this otherwise excellent time for love is that we will sometimes fall prey to romantic illusion (we want it so badly!) that we do not see the reality of a relationship but what we imagine that it could perhaps be.

So don’t be fooled by Venus!

On the other hand, for those working on their relationships, this can be a sweet recess before the urgency of Venus manifests with its entry into Aries on the 25th.

April 17th Mars Goes Retrograde

Mars goes retrograde in the Vedic sign of Scorpio and is also conjunct with a retrograde Saturn. This dark internalized energy is like Darth Vader battling the Wicked Witch of the West, so watch out for flying monkeys bearing light sabers.

Seriously folks, while some astrologers are predicting incidences of fundamentalist terror attacks, this is really about confronting our limitations (Saturn) that we are imposing on our spiritual development (Scorpio), particularly as it relates to our spiritual practice through the energy of Mars.

Mars in Scorpio is the ultimate spiritual warrior, completely self-assured in the ability of the individual to achieve victory in battle of light and dark without the restrictions of another. But Mars is chaffed by Saturn also in Scorpio, feeling the imagined or real constrictions on its ability to wage the righteous war, and it is also in retrograde which sometimes causes us to internalize our reasons for our lack of spiritual progress rather than picking up the sword and moving into battle.

The restrictions we may now feel during this period as we do spiritual work are not imposed by time (and the lack of) and space (or circumstances) but by our inability to take right actions without the interference of the ego (Mars).

Remember that Mars gives us the energy for a spiritual practice, a sadhana, and a strong Mars usually makes a regular daily practice so much the easier. But in retrogression and with Saturn in retrogression as well, it feels as if we are blocked, or blocking ourselves, as we try to move forward through the mystical transformation of Scorpio.

We may also have to encounter the shadow side of Mars energy, such as the tendency to move when we should be still, to act when we should reflect, and to change course when we should hold steady.

Mars and Saturn retrograding in the transformational sign of Scorpio remind us that our spiritual battle is not about light sabers and good and evil, but the simple necessity to return each day, day after day, to a place of reflection, stillness, and constancy.

In retrogression, Mars must confront the reasons for the limitations that are being imposed by Saturn on its spiritual quest. Simply put, the lesson here is to recognize the consequences that come when we push too hard, move too fast, and defer patience to acting on impulse as we follow our spiritual path.

April 28th Mercury Goes Retrograde

Oh my. Mercury enters its second retrograde of 2016 with its entry into the Vedic sign of Aries on April 28th. It does its backward trick until May 22nd so let’s be calm, shall we?

In general we can expect the usual mischief of Mercury of having to do things twice to get it right, communications misunderstood or gone awry, electronic equipment and software crashing, mislaid travel plans, and contracts invalidated.

With the retrograde happening in Aries this time, you will find that more Mercurial problems occur when we are rushed, in a hurry, impatient, impulsive, overly competitive, and too self-centered.

How will Mercury retrograding in Aries will affect you? If you know your Vedic moon sign (or alternatively Vedic Sun sign or Rising sign), here is a quick little overview for some of the signs, but by all means consult your Vedic astrologer (that could be me!) for more guidance for your specific sign and for those not listed here:

For Pisces, you will definitely experience this retrograde most strongly in your speaking and writing. Don’t assume that you said or wrote what you think you said or wrote.

Aquarius will have the most difficulty with short journeys around time. Bet you have to take two times to get out of your house or driveway when you are heading out sometime.

Leo, let’s hope you got all those international and long-distant domestic trips fully booked, planned, and solid. And do not change those plans during this time.

Scorpio, it’s contracts and legal matters that will give you fits. Go ahead and sign something – you’ll have to do it twice anyway during this time.

For all of us, let’s find the joy that all Mercury retrogrades can bring us: the ability to complete or return to unfinished projects, finding lost objects, re-reading our favorite books, connecting with long-lost friends, cleaning out our closets (literally and figuratively), and laughing at the many ways Mercury finds to remind us that all of our plans are always subject to revision.