Venus enters the Vedic sign of Cancer on August 7th where it remains until the end of the month. For the previous 3-4 weeks, the planet of love, relationships, and the arts was hanging out in Gemini, making our mental connections and friendships a big part of our interpersonal dynamics. Having someone to talk with was as important as having someone to love during this time.

With its entry into Cancer, Venus brings a new focus to our relationships that revolve around emotional and financial security, as well as a need to nurture and to be appreciated. While passion is still here with lovely Venus in Cancer, it is apt to take the form of a snuggle on the couch while feeding each other chocolates instead of tearing off each others clothes by the lake in the woods. Knowing someone is waiting for you at home is more exciting now than meeting that exciting new lover in far away places.

Also be aware that you may be overly sensitive to the words and actions of your partner during this time. And if you feel like telling them the truth, be very kind. People are likely to take many things personally during these weeks.

Realize that moods can swing widely on a daily basis with those close to you. If you are not happy with someone today, wait until tomorrow. Like the moon, things will be change day to day.

Finally, Venus in Cancer can be a wonderful time for bhakti yoga practices that use the image of the Divine Mother, and meditation can bring you a deep sense of being cared for by the universe around you.

Venus Kisses Exalted Jupiter

Right after midnight (CDT), very early on August 18th, Venus makes an exact conjunction with exalted Jupiter in Cancer – a once in a 12-year occurrence – and both planets are also in the Vedic nakshatra of Pushya, and that only happens every 24 to 30 years. It’s like a rare sweet kiss, not from a lover, but from a spiritual mother and wise minister.

Venus and Jupiter are considered to be the most naturally benefic planets in Vedic astrology. What kind of energy will we experience on this day and for several days before and after? The nakshatra Pushya is highly regarded by Vedic astrologers as one of the best days to start almost anything, and contains the nurturing energy of the mother.

The motivation present in Pushya is Dharma, following the correct path in life, and the symbols of this nakshatra are the flower, the arrow, and the circle. The flower represents the natural beauty and transient pleasures of the senses, much like Venus, while the circle represents the completion of the path of dharma, much like Jupiter. The arrow is the direction we must bring to our lives to use these two energies together to do our dharma.

This relatively rare combination of the benefic energies of Jupiter and Venus in Pushya is further enhanced by the aspect of an exalted Saturn, which brings a focused discipline and structure – the arrow – to these two planets.

The beauty (Venus) of a spiritual path (Jupiter) is the discipline (Saturn) it instills within us. If we wish to be eternally nourished (Pushya), we must nurture ourselves with a daily spiritual practice, or sadhana.

The message of the stars on this day is simply this: With sadhana, you are everything; without sadhana, you are nothing.

There is a gift this month for all who wish to unwrap it.

When Venus kisses Jupiter, let it be an awakening kiss. Begin your spiritual practice today and for every tomorrow to come hereafter.

Remember, it is the perfect day for all beginnings.


Sun Enters Leo August 16th

The Sun enters the Vedic sign of Leo on August 16th and brings extra vitality and strength to everyone for four weeks as it occupies its natural sign. While other planetary energies this month may bring some blocks or bickerings, the magnificent Sun in its sign of Leo gives us the ability to be great, be steady, and shine our light everyone. Sun worshippers, this is your month (and a great time for everyone with Leo rising in their birth chart!).

Leo Sun (August 15 – September 14)

According to modern Vedic astrology texts, those born under a Leo Sun are generally physically strong, good-looking, with lots of energy and can be very successful in their career and many other things that they set out to do. They are egotistical, headstrong and sometimes may be considered too intense. In marriage they often have problems because they think that they are always right, although actually, they often are. There is some assistance from the father or authorities in life. They have high goals and are good communicators. Most people like them and are willing to help them. They are sincere and can be quite influential over others. Having the intelligence and the drive to accomplish their objectives, they invariably do. They are not usually much troubled by sickness and love the outdoors.

The Leo Yogi

The Leo Sun Yogi is high-energy, intense, and with a drive to succeed in their yoga practice. They like to do well in class, happy to demonstrate a posture for their fellow students and talk about their own yoga experiences. They like being the center of attention of their classmate and can become successful yoga teachers themselves. Need to borrow a yoga mat or need a ride home from class? Ask a Leo yogi because they are generous to all. Natural scenery is what they enjoy best and they may go out alone to think or meditate. The Leo yogi can be philosophical and often learned in spiritual subjects.