Why Are You So Brilliant?

Mercury enters its exalted sign of Virgo on August 22. Gemini’s and Virgos will especially benefit as Mercury expresses its best and most powerful nature for a few weeks.

Actually all of us will benefit from this passage of Mercury through Virgo, in our communications, commerce, and studies. It’s a great time for all those students returning to school and we will all bask a little in our new found intellectual brilliance.

But don’t get too smarty pants – Mercury will go retrograde about a month later (September 17) and those smart ideas you had will probably need to be re-hatched.


Why Are You So Sensitive?

Venus retrogrades back into the Vedic sign of Cancer on August 13th and that may mean increased sensitivity surrounding past relationships for the rest of the month. It is a good time to forgive past hurts and to release old insecurities around relationships.
Be aware that when Venus and Mars conjunct in Cancer on August 31st, you need to be very careful in how you handle your intimate relationships. There is a lot of passion around that day that could lead to tearful outbursts and misinformed romantic liaisons. Don’t got to bed with anyone you do not want to wake up with on September 1st. Or any other day for that matter!


Why Are You So Spiritual?

The Sun enters its own powerful sign of Leo on August 16th, bringing an air of regal authority to all teachers and a desire to share our light. Then on the 26th, the Sun conjuncts with expansive Jupiter, giving us one of the most spiritually beneficial days of the summer. This is a great day to be with your teacher and to engage in all meditation practices, especially those dealing with light and visualizations!