From Darkness to Light with Love ~ December Arrives

Venus in Libra ~ Yay!


After a month of difficult debilitation in the sign of Virgo, Venus spends almost all of December its own sign of Libra where it can express itself fully. Those who have prominent Venus energy in their birth charts, such as Taurus and Libra ascendants, will experience a welcome burst of energy and confidence as their lives move powerfully forward.

For everyone, relationships can take a turn for the better. When Venus is in Libra, we become more partnership oriented. We can now call upon our sensitivity and refinement to bring balance to our most significant relationships. However, be careful you do not preemptively compromise yourself in relationships. Living harmoniously doesn’t mean you have to give up in a relationship but simply give in and enjoy the flow.

Art, beauty, harmony, diplomacy, and peace become a bigger part of our lives with Venus in Libra. This is a great month to practice music, take-up a paintbrush, enjoy dance, and shop for beautiful clothes and gemstones.

Yoga practices that emphasize devotional chanting (bhakti), meditations for the heart center, and partner work give great results now. If you feeling creative, discover the meditative flow in your act of creation.


Winter Solstice Arrives December 21st @ 10:49pm CST


On the longest night of the year and the shortest day, the day of Winter Solstice, we celebrate the return of the Sun as the days start to lengthen and the darkness recedes. The celebration of the Solstices is universal, transcending all cultures, religions, and nations. It is when the human tribe comes together to acknowledge the recurring cycles of birth and death and annual transformations that both the earth and our lives undergo.

Winter Solstice portends the return of the light of the soul, the Sun, and we see our journey moving from darkness to ever increasing light. It is the time of Guru, a word that literally means “dark” (Gu) and “light” (Ru) and, like Winter Solstice, signals the transition from darkness into enlightenment. This day marks the beginning of Uttarayana, the six-month period when the Sun begins its apparent northward journey through the sky.

In the days immediately before and after Winter Solstice, restorative yoga practices are best. Tratakam on candlelight, meditating with the sound of water, and traditionally a milk fast might have been observed on these days.

This is also an optimum time to clear out the past and the clutter, literally and spiritually. At this turning point of the year, we should reflect on where our journey has brought us from the previous Summer Solstice and what we may wish to divest ourselves over the next six moths. Winter Solstice is truly the “new year” for the resolutions, new beginnings and leaving the past behind.

With this is mind, come celebrate the Solstice in a weekend of meditation, yoga and sacred sound healing.




What’s an Ascendant?


At the time of your birth, there is a zodiac sign that is “rising” over the eastern horizon, much like the sunrise. This rising sign imbues the incarnated soul with its energies and shapes the basic temperament of an individual for life. The rising sign is also called the ascending sign, or the ascendant, and in Vedic Astrology, it is known as the rashi lagna.

Your rising sign at birth is a powerful indication of your health, personality, physical body, and fundamental psychology. It creates a framework in which the entire life is played out, and is instrumental in understanding our relationships, career, and spiritual journey.

The rising sign changes every two hours and is very sensitive to the birth time. For an advanced understanding of your astrological makeup and its effects on your yoga practice, discovering the rising sign is an important step to take.

Your friendly astrologer can not only share with you your rising sign but also interpret how it interacts with all of the other planets and signs in your birth chart. A reading is an indispensable tool along this journey of life. Schedule one today!