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Political conjunctions, Mercury Retrograde & Winter Solstice in Vedic Astrology

December 10 – Watch Out for Governmental Authorities

Always good advice but especially on December 10th when the Sun conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn represents the servant (employee, citizen) and Sun is the authority. They really don’t “like” each other and when this challenging energy meets up in the Vedic sign of Scorpio, there is likely to be a difficult time around power plays.

This is NOT a good time to ask for a raise or tell your boss to perform an anatomical impossibility. Nor should you confront any figures in authority with an attitude of superiority.

Speak nice, act nice and exercise patience on this day.

December 19 – Mercury goes retrograde

Finish your holiday shopping! Yes, presents bought after the 19th will likely end up on a return list (and be sure you return them before January 8th before Mercury goes direct again).

Have a good attitude about holiday travel as well and allow for a “back and forth” in your travel plans. Hopefully you will have made your plans solid before the 19th – and then try not to change them after that.

For the good news, Mercury is retrograding in the Vedic sign of Sagittarius so that does make for a good time to re-read books about spirituality, travel and philosophy. Long distance travel to foreign countries you have been to before also go better than other travel plans. And it’s also possible you may reencounter a teacher from the past (or past live!) during these three weeks.

December 21 – Winter Solstice Arrives

Take time for some deep relaxation and meditation on this day. One of the highest yoga holy days/holidays, Winter Solstice is the most opportune days of the year for spiritual retreat and deep reflection.

This year the Moon on Solstice is in the Vedic sign of Virgo and in conjunction with beneficial Jupiter.  The Moon is also in the Vedic nakshatra sign of Hasta and that is a perfect time for using hand mudras in our meditation. With the Jupiter-Moon conjunction, we can use the areas of the hands connected with Jupiter (index finger) and the Moon (outside of the hand below the little finger.

The hands are held as shown and moved alternately while chanting the mantra “HAR”. 

This mantra meditation done on this special Solstice day for 11 minutes will bring abundant health (sign of Virgo) and prosperity (Jupiter-Moon conjunction)!

We will be doing this meditation at my annual Solstice celebration and Gong relaxation at Yoga Yoga in Austin, Texas. Join us!

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Winter Solstice Celebration