February 6th – Mercury Goes Retrograde

At 3:43 pm Central US time, Mercury begins the first of its three retrograde periods for 2014. (The other two retrogrades are in June and October in case you just can’t wait to know.) The period lasts all the way to the end of the month (sigh).

Mercury Retrograde is started to seep more and more into the general public’s consciousness (well, at least the weird general public you may be hanging with!). Its popularity or notoriety is likely due to the fact that the effects of its retrograde are so universally felt. Those with significant Gemini or Virgo influences (the signs ruled by Mercury) seem to be hit the hardest, yet all of us know something is up when little Mercury starts running backwards.

It seems that many other things go backwards or return or need to be done again when Mercury is retrograde. Listen to public speakers in the media. They often stumble over their words more or mispronounce when Mercury is retrograde as the planet rules speaking. Written documents will need to be revised and corrected (Mercury also rules writing and all communication) and that is why there is caution about signing contracts and agreements during this period.

Notice how often in the retrograde period you will have to backtrack in your travels. Even having to go back into your house to get something else before you leave your driveway. Mercury rules all travel, and if you have ever changed long distance travel plans during Mercury retrograde, you had better plan to take up some new disgusting vice to obliterate your consciousness to ease the pain.

My worst travel experience occurred during Mercury retrograde (the trip was unavoidable; otherwise my knowledgeable astrologer self would never had scheduled it during that time). At the airport, we discovered our plane no longer flew to the destination we had booked. We stood at the airport desk and, with grim foreboding, re-booked our departure and return flights. Which later resulted in staying several additional nights in airport hotels and paying a $2000 ransom to get on an overbooked flight from Central America which was chronically sold out (“We are sorry. You will never get out of here.”)

Besides travel and communication, retrograde Mercury also disrupts electronic equipment (computers!) and you may need to have repairs made. Better to repair than buy. Avoid buying new equipment when Mercury is retrograde and never upgrade your software then unless you love screaming at a blank computer screen. And buying a new car during Mercury retrograde? Well, at least make sure it’s a green car (color of Mercury)  and you purchase it on a Wednesday (day of Mercury) while chanting a mantra for Mercury (Om Budhaya Namaha).

So do you have to hide out for three weeks until Mercury goes direct? Not at all. Mercury retrograde is a great time to return to unfinished projects or things that went astray. It’s also excellent to re-do, re-read, and re-think. Getting rid of past things (such as cleaning out closets, desks and computer junk files) goes well now.  It’s a good time to re-visit old plans and ideas and do your research on travel and projects but not necessarily start them. Delay the important decisions, but move forward on all the details surrounding them.

In yoga Mercury represents the discerning intelligence or the intelligent will, or what the yogis call the buddhi mind.  During a Mercury retrograde period, you want to meditate to develop the buddhi aspect of yourself in order to lessen the mental confusion that may occur.

Here is how:


Meditation For Mercury Retrograde

Sit in a meditative posture and bring the palms facing each other in front of the chest. Spread the fingers apart, pointing straight up.

Now touch the two little finger tips together and the two thumb tips together. The other three fingers are separated apart and point straight up. Now fold the ring fingers in toward the palms but do not touch them. This mudra, or hand position, is held comfortably four inches in front of the chest.

Close the eyes and look down toward the tip of the nose.

Relax and for 11 minutes listen to devotional mantra music played or chanted slowly. The act of listening attentively and holding this powerful mudra will make the meditation work.

Sun Enters Aquarius February 12th

The Sun enters the Vedic sign of Aquarius on the 12th and brings a focus on community, service, humanitarian endeavors, cutting edge technology, and futuristic fascination. Karma yoga or seva (selfless service) is part of the practice for this month. Group meditations and spiritual gatherings are also highly favored.

Mercury Retrograde … Still

Mercury continues its retrogression and moves from Aquarius back into Capricorn on February 18th where it remains until March 10th.

If you have been suffering the effects of the Mercury retrograde from earlier this month, its re-entry into Capricorn on the 18th may bring relief as it gives grounding and practicality to the mind after its scattered airiness from its sojourn in Aquarius. Yet its retrogression in the business sign of Capricorn is likely to bring its mischievous merrymaking to areas of your career and work.

Finally in the last day of the month and on the day of the New Moon, Mercury comes to a standstill in the early morning before it resumes its normal direct motion. Yay!

Mars In Libra

Mars has been in Libra, the sign of Venus, for most of February and it will remain there for several weeks. Mars now has joined Saturn and Rahu in this sign of relationships and adds passion to the intensity already being felt in that area of life. Resist the temptation to argue, fight or blow things up. Make love, not war. Physically, this is a good time to take care of the kidneys and to watch for accidents caused by haste or anger over indecisiveness. Emotionally, Mars in the sign of Venus makes things sexy – just don’t bite.

The Aquarius Sun Person

If you were born between February 12 to March 14, you are an Aquarius Sun according to Vedic Astrology. People with the Sun in Aquarius are intelligent communicators and make excellent writers. They are dependable, fast learners and do whatever is necessary to get their jobs finished properly. They experience ups and downs in career and their financial position. Often they find in their jobs that they have to listen to people that are not nearly as capable as they are. Their minds are always active and can come up with good ideas for other people’s benefit, gaining respect and love. Usually they are taught spiritual or philosophical concepts often through the challenges they meet in life.

The Aquarian Yogi

The Aquarius Sun Yogi is idealistic, friendly, humble, and inventive. They enjoy an unusual approach to yoga practice that allows for self-discovery, sharing, and group relationships.  You may often find an Aquarian yogi in a teacher training program where they enjoy the community of the training as much as the yoga. Sometimes they may exhibit eccentric behavior or their free spirit in their yoga practice. Yoga is never weird enough for them!