February brings positive news with Mercury going direct by the 12th and allowing us to get on with our lives, thank you very much.

For those who can’t wait to know, check out Mercury’s other retrograde periods for 2015 in my recent blog post.

Yet the best news this month is that Venus enters its exalted Vedic sign of Pisces on February 15 and gives the most beautiful expression of her artistic, romantic, empathetic and dreamy self.

People with the Vedic rising signs of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius will benefit most from Venus’ nearly month-long sojourn in Pisces. For everyone, however, this approximately annual Venus in Pisces occurrence brings good support to all relationships, and is a wonderful time for self-ornamentation.

The interesting thing about this year is that Venus catches up again with her man Mars, and just like in January, this Venus-Mars conjunction brings passion and intensity to an area of our life (which area depends on your Vedic Moon sign – hey, that’s what astrologers are for!).

Add to this, the spiritualizing planet Ketu has been lying in wait in Pisces for over a year now, and when Venus moves into its influence, relationships can become highly spiritualized (or come to an end, if they do not). This is especially true for those “karmic” relationships unresolved from previous lives. Don’t you just hate those?

All will likely be fine if you look for the deeper spiritual connections of this conjunction, especially since Jupiter gives a benefic and dharmic aspect to both Mars and Venus in its own sign.

Watch especially the days of February 20-21 when Mars and Venus are almost exactly in conjunction, and the Moon also joins them within one degree. This is a fairly rare, perhaps once in a 12-year happening, and has the ability to bring our emotions to a peak as regarding our intimate relationships.

Be aware of illusions and fantasy that may surround romantic encounters at this time, but you may also find your true princess or knight errant – at least for the night!


Here is a nice way to welcome Mercury going direct around the day of February 11 and 12.

Touch your thumb to your little fingertip (the Mercury finger) to form Buddhi Mudra, and bring both hands in front of the heart. Now circle the hands around each other, spinning them away from the body. Move fast, spin the hands for three minutes with a force that causes the breath to change.

Then inhale and hold. Exhale and relax the hands. Enjoy your direct Mercury for the next three months!


This monthly column uses the science of Vedic Astrology (which differs from Western astrology in reckoning the sign position of the planets) as it gives the best results for people on a yogic or spiritual journey.