Passionate Mars, Repressed Venus

February brings interesting changes in relationships as Venus enters the Vedic sign of Capricorn on the 12th and Mars goes into Scorpio on the 20th.

Venus in Capricorn can indicate a hesitancy to express intimate emotional feelings. Capricorn is the opposite of deeply feeling Cancer, and is not comfortable with the deep emotional exchange of personal relationships. With Venus in this sign for the last half of the month, we will have to work a little harder to open the heart and enjoy the freedom of emotional spontaneity.

Mars, on the other hand, enters Scorpio which brings about an intensity of feelings, passion and sexuality. There is almost an aggressive need to connect, conquer and enjoy the pleasures that flesh offers with Mars in Scorpio.

Do we see a problem?

Add to this mixture, Saturn will be aspecting its own sign of Capricorn where Venus is located. Saturn-Venus combinations can create a sense of not worthy of being loved, but ironically it increases the need for physical passion.

So the tendency later this month may be to use sex as a substitute for emotional intimacy and to give in to impulsive encounters.

On the positive side, we can learn how to maintain a healthy emotional distance (Venus in Capricorn) and use the passion of Mars to explore the hidden side of mystical Scorpio.


Ketu Goes Aquarian

Last month the shadow planet Ketu entered the Vedic sign of Aquarius where it will remain until the middle of next year.

Ketu shows the past karmas, and Aquarius is the sign of group consciousness and general humanity. The lesson here is how are we all going to get along?

We will need to find a balance between personal agendas and group needs. In fact, this time requires that we establish a new sense of identity through service and inclusivity of all groups.

Tribal consciousness needs to give way to global consciousness, as revealed by the symptoms of refugees and immigrants and the ensuing polarization of “us” and “them.”

My teacher Yogi Bhajan summarized these next 18 months perfectly with one of his sutras for the Aquarian Age: “Realize the other person is you.”