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Eclipses & Retrogrades in Vedic Astrology

February 26 Solar Eclipse

With the New Moon on the 26th, we have a solar eclipse in the Vedic sign of Aquarius. An excellent day to meditate and NOT make major life decisions.


If your birthday is between February 23 and March 1, you will be most affected by the changes this eclipse brings you over the next 6 months.

All of us, however, will notice this eclipse affecting the areas of your life indicated by the Vedic sign of your Moon, as well as the Vedic Sun sign for your birthday since this is a solar eclipse.


If you do not know your Vedic Moon sign, then just read the one for your Vedic Sun sign as indicated in the descriptions that follow for trends in the next 6 to 12 months of your life.


ARIES (April 14-May 14)

Changes possible for siblings (especially those younger than you). Heightened energy around short journeys and how you communicate in the outside world. Embrace courage and recommit to self-motivation and you can accomplish much!


TAURUS (May 15-June 14)

The home environment is highlighted and where you spend your time working and living. Perhaps a new change in what makes you really happy, as well as opportunities around the relationship with our mother or motherhood.


GEMINI (June 15-July 15)

All about the children and creativity! Performers may come more into the spotlight. An excellent time to work on spiritual techniques and meditations, particularly those that involve sun mantras and visualizations.


CANCER (July 16-August 16)

Health issues can be resolved now by changing your diet and your emotional patterns. What’s been blocking you, particularly in the realm of what you may be feeling rather than thinking? Good time to move beyond all of that.


LEO (August 17-September 16)

Relationships, relationships. You may feel that you deserve more attention in your current relationship. Why not give others that attention and see how that shifts the energy? Be careful you are not blaming your partner for your lack of accomplishments.


VIRGO (September 17-October 16)

Time to create some strong spiritual habits and get rid of bad patterns that no longer serve you, particularly in the areas of diet and exercise. Big changes happen when you make small regular changes.


LIBRA (October 17-November 15)

Long distance travel, teachers, and higher knowledge become even more important in the months ahead. If you need to complete or start higher education, do it. Maintain the right relationship to fathers and fatherhood and old problems go away.


SCORPIO (November 16-December 15)

You have a mission. Become recognized and effective in your career. What are you supposed to be doing in the outside world that makes a difference? You can really shine in that area of your life, but you need to put in the extra effort.


SAGITTARIUS December 16-January 13)

Enjoy your friends and realize that it is through them that you can make great gains. Spiritual communities and group activities are highlighted. Recognition comes to you when you take on projects that bring benefits to others.


CAPRICORN (January 14-February 12)

Meditate and find beneficial solitude. You can be a little more retiring now and let others take the spotlight while you quietly do the internal work to prepare for the next cycle in life. You may find that foreign travel and people bring you increased satisfaction.


AQUARIUS (February 13-March 13)

Okay, who are you? It’s time to firm up that strong sense of self and purpose. There is good support for addressing health issues as well. People see you as an authority in some area of life, so be one. You are able to radiate magnetic warmth now, but you will also need to step up to who you are becoming.


PISCES (March 14-April 13)

Natural talents and abilities that may have been hidden are now revealed. Use what you were born with to make your life and the lives of others better. This is a good time to re-vision yourself and see what it is you have come to do.


Jupiter Retrogrades February 5th

Jupiter begins its long retrograde on February 5th. We usually do not experience the acute effects of a Jupiter retrograde like those semi-regular Mercury retrogrades, but there is a shift that occurs in most people’s lives around all the things Jupiter represents.


During this rather lengthy retrograde (February 5 – June 8), issues from the past in the areas of life connected with children, higher knowledge, legal matters, prosperity, long distance travel, teachers, and dharma may arise to be re-visited, reconciled and resolved.


And since it is Jupiter, it gives us the opportunity to make these things correct and beneficial!


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Feb 10

The Full Moon occurs in the Vedic sign of Cancer and the nakshatra of Ashlesha. This can provoke powerful feelings of psychic sensitivity and the strengthening of Kundalini energy.


It’s an amazing day for deep meditation and getting your chakras charged!


Meditate alone, or come join us in the Full Moon Gong Meditation on this day of a powerful eclipse when we learn to see the light that the darkness always portends.

Full Moon Gong Meditation

Friday, Feb.10th

7:30 – 9:30p

Yoga Yoga Westgate