January 6th  – Venus Retrogrades into Sagittarius

Since Winter Solstice, Venus (the primary planet which affects our relationships) has been retrograding, seemingly moving backward, through the sign of Capricorn. On January 6th, Venus retrogrades into the sign of Sagittarius where it remains until February 25th before moving back into the sign of Capricorn.

This moving back and forth of Venus between Capricorn and Sagittarius (and Capricorn again!) creates an opportunity to re-visit relationships and see them in a new light and perhaps make needed changes.

Until January 6th, with Venus in Capricorn, we may take an impersonal or detached view of our relationships. We might see them in a pragmatic light, perhaps even as a business relationship of equal exchange, where each partner gets what they require from the other.

In this somewhat restricted time of personal feelings, you may feel an inability to spontaneously express your emotions. Physical intimacy may seem easier than an authentic emotional exchange.

After January 6th, and for most of February, with Venus in Sagittarius, relationships can take on a spiritual or philosophical aspect, and there is relief from the constriction of Venus in Capricorn. We become more expansive, yet unrealistic, about what the relationship can bring us.

Relationship problems seem smaller with Venus in Sagittarius, perhaps because we are optimistically overlooking them or philosophically dismissing them.

Then on February 25th, we get another dose of Capricorn reality and we re-evaluate what the Sagittarian Venus had been telling us the previous seven weeks. The practicality and materialism furnished by Capricorn come against the Sagittarian “look on the bright side of things” approach.

When we experience this Capricorn energy of Venus after its sojourn through Sagittarius, we may be able to understand our relationships have both a spiritual and earthly component, and that they require both hard work and fair play to be successful. Through embracing both individual responsibility and personal freedom within our partnerships, we can achieve a healthy perspective about those near to us.

To keep you balanced through these ups and downs, and back and forths, in your significant relationships during this month and the next, develop your neutral mind through meditation and you will be able to assess what is real and what is fear.

Here is a classic Kundalini Yoga meditation to stay in your neutral mind:

Meditation for a Neutral Mind

Sit in an easy relaxed pose with a straight spine and focus the closed eyes above the eyebrows at the third eye point.

Place both hands in the lap with the palms facing up. Rest the right hand in the left.

Let the breath relax into a slow almost unfelt manner.

Concentrate without effort at the third eye and silently vibrate each of these four sounds distinctly:

Wha-hay Gu-roo (Infinity identity from darkness to light)

Continue 11 minutes, and then relax.

Sun Enters Capricorn January 14th

The Sun enters the Vedic sign of Capricorn on the 14th and brings a focus on creating a structure for our yoga practice and adhering to a discipline. This is a time to persevere and practice patience.

The Sun is said to be challenged in Capricorn, the sign of its enemy Saturn, and may give problems with the Sun’s full expression. There may be a reluctance to be noticed or we may be come disinterested and unmotivated. There could be a negative attitude about self-improvement, and a corresponding lacking of will power. Without a strong Sun, we may be unable to advance in life and turn aspirations into reality.

Because of these tendencies over the next four weeks, we need to awaken our inner Sun, strengthen our vitality, and stop brooding.

Right nostril breathing is an easy way to raise the spirits and the energy, as is practicing Surya Mudra by touching the ring finger to the thumb tip. Yoga postures that strengthen the core and solar plexus are also favored.

The last half of January also happens to be the waning cycle of the Moon after it becomes full on the 15th and until the New Moon on the 30th.  The waning moon is good for completing work and resting as well as eliminating bad habits and engaging in meditation practices.

In anticipation of the Mercury retrograde cycle that comes in February (with more details next newsletter!), it may be a good idea to solidify your spring travel plans and take care of pending contracts and legal matters this month.

The New Moon on the 30th occurs in the nakshatra of Shravana, and this favors all spiritual rituals, learning yoga and studying sacred languages and literature. This is one of the most favorable days of the year to start a 40-day meditation practice (or longer!) that will bring extraordinary results!

The Capricorn Sun Person

If you were born between January 14 to February 14, you are a Capricorn Sun according to Vedic Astrology. People with the Sun in Capricorn are intelligent and may have great ideas but don’t like to be rushed. “Slow but sure” is an accurate description. They are capable in business and generally good with math. They are extremely independent, like to rely on their own ways of doing things and do not like to be told what to do. These are not the most optimistic people in the world and often are interested in philosophical concepts beyond the here and now. These people may get into important positions by perseverance, or may have associates that are in elevated positions. They are honest, compassionate towards others, have a sharp sense of humor and are not generally loud or boisterous, indeed, usually quite the opposite.

The Capricorn Yogi

The Capricorn Sun Yogi is practical, responsible, patient, and hardworking about their yoga practice.  Sometimes they may also be a little overly cautious or rigid about their relationship to yoga. They enjoy a disciplined yoga practice that allows for steady achievement through hard work.  They need to watch for an inability to change a yoga routine or try something differently. Occasionally they put obstacles in front of themselves that prevents them from progressing in their yoga.