On January 21, everyone’s favorite little mischief maker, Mercury, goes retrograde for its usual three weeks of possible mayhem, misdirection, and mistakes.

This time Mercury is retrograding through the Vedic sign of Capricorn and that may create problems in the areas of business, accounting and real estate. Probably not a great time to buy a house or apply for a loan.

The good news is that Mercury in Capricorn has a natural tendency to slow down and be more conservative in its actions, which can be helpful during a retrograde.

The usual recommendations for a Mercury retrograde are in effect: Check everything twice, schedule to allow for delays, speak and write carefully to avoid miscommunication, and – like Mercury – develop a wicked sense of humor so you can be amused throughout the process.



Here is a quick Mercury fix to improve your communication during the upcoming retrograde. It’s short but difficult:

Touch your thumb tip to your little fingertip (the Mercury finger) to form Buddhi Mudra. Now take several deep breaths in and out, or do some Breath of Fire to oxygenate. Then take a deep breath in and hold it while your shake both hands (in Buddhi Mudra) AS HARD AS YOU CAN FOR EXACTLY 75 SECONDS! No more, no less, and keep the breath held in.

There – that will teach Mercury!

(Folks with uncontrolled blood pressure problems or eye problems should exercise caution when holding the breath for this long.)



Unusual Passion ~ Venus & Mars in Aquarius

The day after Mercury goes retrograde, Venus joins Mars in the Vedic sign of Aquarius on January 22.

Whenever Venus and Mars get together, passion is assured. The area of your life ruled by Aquarius will certainly light up later this month, and because it is Aquarius this passion may take some unusual twists and turns.

If you know your Vedic rising sign or Moon sign, this area of your life may suddenly become imbued with passion and intensity for the last week of January and into mid-February. Of course, remember Mercury is also doing its backward thing during this time as well.

If you are clueless about the rising or moon sign, use your Vedic Sun sign to gain some insight.

ARIES – Good time for fun with friends and groups, and making material and spiritual gains.

TAURUS – Fantastic for pouring yourself into your career! Find that lost passion again in what you do.

GEMINI – Spirituality, teaching, long distance journeys and high education all get extra juice now!

CANCER – Your yoga practice can reach new heights now! A great time for astrology, transformation, research, and profound change. And incidentally pure physical passion.

LEO – Ooooh, la-la! (Whatever that means.) Relationships look excellent, but also be aware you may find yourself incredibly restless and itching to travel or change your environment.

VIRGO – Virgos, you’ll love this! You are now passionate about your health and self-improvement. Channel your passion into developing a healthy new habit!

LIBRA – You are naturally artistic, but now your creativity is off the charts. Write, dance, paint, play music, sing! Could also be a good time for making babies or just practicing.

SCORPIO – Where can you put your natural passion? How about your home! You will be experiencing some deep feelings around your living space. Pick a room (bedroom is good) and make it yours!

SAGITTARIUS – Communication, self-expression, and taking short trips will bring good results if you bring your personal feelings into play. A good time to reconnect to siblings as well.

CAPRICORN – A good time to get passionate about developing your natural gifts and talents. There could also be pretty gemstones whispering your name now.

AQUARIUS – You are on fire! Everybody wants to be like you or be with you, so get over your solitude kick and show them your hidden self.

PISCES – Passions are aroused for foreign travel, meditation, and pleasures of the bed. Why not do all three, you imaginative Pisces?