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Saturn Makes his Move in Vedic Astrology

Saturn Makes His Move!

In the planetary league, Saturn is a major player and often the most important planet to observe as it moves through your birth chart. Wherever Saturn goes, significant changes occur. And Saturn moves slowly – the slowest of all the visible planets and the Vedic grahas (or planetary forces).

It takes 2 ½ years for Saturn to move through one sign of the zodiac (compared to the Sun that accomplished this in one month and the Moon in 2 ½ days). Consequently, Saturn’s effects are long lasting and tend to be heavily weighted with karma, responsibility, and lessons that must be learned.

On January 26th Saturn leaves the Vedic sign of Scorpio, where it has resided for over two years and moves into Sagittarius. It will stay in this sign until June 21st and then it retrogrades back into Scorpio. Then on October 27th Saturn returns to Sagittarius where it remains until January 25th 2020.

How will this affect you?


It may feel as if 2017 is split in half – from January to June and then from June to November. For people who have their Vedic moon in either Capricorn or Libra, it may especially feel a little extreme as these folks will either be experiencing the end or beginning of a significant 7+ year cycle of major changes.

For all of us, however, we will get a preview during the first half of 2017 of the areas of our lives that will be strongly affected by Saturn during 2018 and 2019. Think of it as a movie trailer, with a few of the exciting moments shown to get you interested in what life holds in those two years.

Then for the last half of the year, it’s a time of resolving the issues that Saturn has been busy impressing upon us since November 2014.

While some people dread the entry of Saturn into the various areas of their lives because of its reputation as an implacable task master, there are huge benefits possible if we understand the lessons Saturn always teaches us: Patience, Perseverance, Discipline and Service.

Pay attention and do your due diligence in the area that Saturn resides in and life will be better. The area of life that Saturn affects can be learned from your astrologer, and I will be giving a full update on this next October when we officially begin its new period in Sagittarius.

For now, enjoy the preview. And begin doing the main thing that Saturn always invites us to do: Enjoy a daily discipline of spiritual practice and service.

Om Shani, Om Shani, Om Shani OM!