Saturn Goes Direct

Our big story this month is on July 8th Saturn ends its period of retrogression that began February 18th. Hopefully over the last few months, you have learned to say “no, thanks” to situations which you could not realistically handle. Saturn is about setting appropriate boundaries in your life, physically and psychologically.   So if you were not able to say “no” and were consequently feeling overwhelmed since mid-February, then beginning July 8th you can get control over your life by acknowledging the realities that time imposes on us all.   Also, you can finally move forward on new projects (particularly at the end of the month), and the past will not seem to be so much with you.   Life becomes easier for all things Saturnine – business, work, service, the elderly, and even your meditation.

Jupiter – Meet Saturn!

More good Saturn news as the benefic planet Jupiter has been in a good aspect with Saturn since last month. Jupiter in Gemini is five signs away from Saturn in Libra, and this brings opportunity and discipline to the area of your life that Saturn affects.  This beneficial aspect lasts for nearly a year until Jupiter moves into Cancer next summer.   For most of us, the positive connection between Gemini and Libra that these two planets create make communication in our relationships work so much better if we are willing to be patient and disciplined. Now is the time to talk it out!

Yoga Medicine for Mercury Retrograde

Surely you noticed that Mercury has been retrograde? Think about all the times you had trouble connecting with a phone call, having to detour or return on a trip, and in general having your communications misinterpreted, misread, or misunderstood.   You got to live with it for a little longer (see the mid-month update in a couple of weeks), but you don’t have to suffer. Yoga has given us many tools to work with the planetary energies, and Mercury is affected by pranayama, mudras, and mantras.

Here is a simply Mercury retrograde meditation that can help:

1.     Open the hand up in front of the heart, palms up, all the fingers spread wide apart.

2.     Join only the tips of the little fingers together so the hands are open and the other fingers do not touch. (The little fingers control the Mercury energy.)

3.     Close the eyes and repeat this mantra silently for Mercury as you slowly inhale:

OM BUDHAYA NAMAH (Om Bood-hah-yah Nahm-ah-ah)

4.     Retain the breath and repeat the mantra again silently.

5.     Exhale and repeat the mantra out loud on the breath.

6.     Continue for 3 to 11 minutes.

Now aren’t we feeling better?

Sun Enters CANCER July 16th

The Sun enters the Vedic sign of Cancer on July 16th and marks the Vedic month of Sravana.  This is a great month for balancing the emotions with mantra and pranayama. It is also favorable for creating a home yoga practice and enjoying a summer yogic diet!

CANCER Sun (July 16-August 16)

If you were born July 16 to August 16, your birth Sun is in Cancer according to Vedic Astrology. The Moon is associated with Cancer and gives its emotional, sensitive and changeable quality to this sign.  Cancer people like to live near water, greenery or gardens. They are attached to their home and inner emotional life although they also enjoy traveling. They have excellent intuition and trust their feelings over their thoughts. They have a real need to nurture, teach, and heal and often have connections with children.

The sign of Cancer can make the person mysterious, introspective, changeable, and adaptable. One of their main motivations is to create a sense of lasting security in their homes, their family, and relationships. They are very sensitive as to how physical and emotional environments affect their state of mind.

The Cancer Yogi

The Cancer Yogi is naturally intuitive about their yoga practice. They are ideal candidates for creating a home yoga practice because that’s where you will often find them! They are sensitive to their own needs and may gravitate toward emotionally supportive yoga styles and postures.  Put them in Child Pose and you will have a happy Cancer Yogi. They enjoy collecting books about yoga and will be fascinated by recipes for yogic meals. They make good yoga friends but can be overly sensitive to any criticisms about their yoga practice.

Yoga can provide the Cancer Yogi with a neutral mind and greater emotional stability, as well as a way to socialize with people of their own interests. They make great children’s yoga teachers, as well as prenatal and postnatal yoga teachers. The journey of yoga can provide the Cancer Yogi what they have been seeking all their lives: lasting peace through emotional security. This comes about when they understand true security only comes when they surrender the dependence on outer things to achieve it, be it a home, a job or a relationship, and find the lasting security that comes from true knowledge of the self’s infinite nature.

Venus Enters LEO July 17th

Venus, the planet of relationships (can you say Luv?), enters the Vedic sign of Leo on July 17th where it remains for the rest of July and into early August. If you want some loving, make your partner the center of attention and pour on the flattery. There may be a tendency for “drama trauma,” so remember that sometimes it’s all just play acting – and sometimes it’s real! Partners may be possessive or jealous so keep that Leo passion reserved for your true lover.

Mercury Ends Retrograde July 20th

Can you hear the sound of six billion people applauding? Mercury ends its 3-week period of retrogression and life gets back on track – or does it? While travel, communication, and plans finally move forward, be aware that you may still be busy correcting some Mercury retrograde difficulties for another couple of weeks until August 3rd when Mercury finally returns to its original position before its retrogression.

This is called the “shadow” of retrogression and while it seems just hunky dory (whatever that means), you may experience some minor irritations during this time. But go ahead and buy that cell phone, sign that contract, and tell someone what you really mean now.

Back From Brazil!

A wonderful trip to Brazil last month to do some astrological readings for the yogis and yoginis south of the equator! We celebrated Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere with a bonfire and gongs at the beautiful Jatoba Terra Prana yoga farm. While my Portuguese was limited to “Obrigado” (thank you), the lovely Brazilians understood my English well enough to appreciate my astrological insights (or at least they said they did!). Obrigado!