The major event for almost everyone is the movement of the karmic moon nodes, Rahu and Ketu, into new signs. This only happens approximately every year and a half and their effects are felt throughout those 18 months. Use your Moon Sign, Rising Sign, or Sun Sign (from Vedic astrology) and find out what this means for you!


Rahu Enters Virgo July 13th

This month Rahu leaves the sign of Libra and its conjunction with Saturn and enters Virgo. Rahu always activates the sign and area of your chart it occupies and brings a sense of intensity, ambition, energy, and sometimes even obsession in those areas. Rahu is often associated with our future actions and present karmas, and emphasizes materialism over spiritualism, and engagement over withdrawal.

With Rahu in Virgo, everyone can expect a stronger focus on health, personal hygiene, service, and encountering and ultimately overcoming obstacles. For a closer look at what Rahu in Virgo means in your personal life, read the following descriptions for your Vedic Moon sign or Vedic Rising sign (ascendant). You can also use your Vedic Sun sign if you are not sure of the other two signs. And if you are not sure of any of these signs, maybe it’s time you saw your Vedic astrologer!

If your Moon Sign or Rising Sign (and Sun Sign) is in one of these signs, this is how Rahu will exert its influence over the next 18 months. (The number in parenthesis indicates the astrological house area in your life that is most affected). Those with Moon in Cancer, Scorpio and Aquarius can expect the most benefits.

Aries (8th)
Feel that kundalini energy rising? You may very well over the next 18 months. A time to find your hidden powers and discover the secrets of the universe. Or you could instead indulge in self-destructive activity, particularly with drugs or sex. Beware of power games – nobody wins.

Taurus (9th)
Foreign philosophies and spiritual practices become prominent (yoga?), as well as a desire for travel to other countries. Issues with the father may present themselves. See all your journeys, both inner and outer, as spiritual pilgrimages and you can achieve happiness.

Gemini (10th)
Much work and possible success in the career area. But can you be happy with your achievements? There may be a sense of discontent no matter how much you accomplish. Be careful you do not neglect your inner life in your quest for recognition in the outer world.

Cancer (11th)
This time brings most beneficial results, both materially and spiritually. There are new channels of income, links with influential persons, and connections to new social opportunities. If you are on a spiritual path, there is a sharpening of psychic perception and an intense urge to create enduring values in your life.

Leo (12th)
There will be an intensifying of the desire for spiritual liberation or karmic salvation. Foreign countries, people and ideas will become prominent. Resist the temptation to indulge in secret vices or indulgences. Become obsessed with your meditation and spiritual practice and you can achieve much.

Virgo (1st)
Beware of the tendency for self-absorption and too much fretting over your health. You may feel the need to challenge yourself physically by proving your indestructibility, so be careful. On the other hand, you may turn that self-centered energy inward and finally understand the mystery that is you.

Libra (2nd)
Two things you must do in the next 18 months: Eat consciously and speak consciously. Watch what goes in and out of your mouth and you will prevent much future karma. If you are in a relationship, do not – do not – criticize your partner’s family. There can be an increase of wealth, particularly if you use your natural talents and resources.

Scorpio (3rd)
Your mind becomes positively energized with new psychological qualities. There is success in financial affairs. You may receive inspiration from unexpected sources. If you bring courage, initiative and perseverance to your endeavors, you will succeed beyond expectations and develop great self-confidence.

Sagittarius (4th)
Deal with the fears of your inner mind, and you can find the happiness you have been seeking. A good time to take care of maternal issues and issues connected to the home. If your career has been less than what you have wanted, look inward for your happiness and make your home a cozy place for meditation.

Capricorn (5th)
Be appropriate with any fears around your children. Are they real or, as is more likely, simply unfounded? You can be in creative overdrive and accomplish much, but take time to enjoy the fruits of your actions. There may be a desire to speculate – do so, but know when to cash in.

Aquarius (6th)
You will discover new outlets for self-expression as you tap into your hidden natural abilities. You can achieve extraordinary results and gain immense personal satisfaction. There is a sense of psychological maturity and an ability to command tremendous power.

Pisces (7th)
Another relationship will not solve your problems. Stop looking to others to find yourself. There is an inner restlessness that will not be solved by outer actions and travel. If you can find that balance between your needs and your partner’s needs, this will be a satisfying time for you.

Regardless of your sign, you can harness the powerful energy of Rahu over the next 18 months and much can be accomplished. The key is this: do not be deceived by your desires or be blinded by your fears.

Ketu Is Now In Pisces! Dream On!

On July 13th, Ketu entered the Vedic sign of Pisces. Ketu is not actually a planet but an ecliptic point or what is called a shadow planet. Ketu plays an important role in Vedic Astrology as it indicates out past karmas and how we have spent our last lifetime. When Ketu enters a new sign, as it does every 18 months, it brings an unusual and sometimes spiritualizing energy to the area of your chart indicated by Pisces. Rahu is often associated with our past actions and karmas that may now be re-appearing for us to resolve. It is sometimes called a planet of separation or renunciation because it separates us from materialism as it directs us into spirituality.

With Ketu in Pisces, everyone can expect a stronger focus on fantasy, imagination and other realm of consciousness. Sleeping, dreaming, and an overall heightened sensitivity to psychic phenomena and unusual experiences may occur over the next year and a half. For a closer look at what Keu in Pisces means in your personal life, read the following descriptions for your Vedic Moon sign or Vedic Rising sign (ascendant). You can also use your Vedic Sun sign if you are not sure of the other two signs. And if you are not sure of any of these signs, maybe it’s time you saw your Vedic astrologer!

If your Moon Sign or Rising Sign (and Sun Sign) is in one of these signs, this is how Pisces will exert its influence over the next 18 months. (The number in parenthesis indicates the astrological house area in your life that is most affected).

Aries (2nd)
Early childhood memories and experiences may present themselves for your examination and perhaps resolution. There could be a sense of separation from family, yet there can also be the opportunity to re-discover your “unusual” natural talents and abilities. If you have ever thought you would like to use your hands in a craft or art (including writing), try it now!

Taurus (3rd)
There could be some separation from siblings during this period – whether this is beneficial or not will depend on how you see yourself in the relationship. Overcome the tendency to withdraw and not express or communicate your needs or dreams. You can tap into a hidden well of courage and ambition.

Gemini (4th)
It is likely you will have a strong sense of psychic intuition over the next 18 months. Your challenge will be to listen to that instead of relying on the cleverness of your mind or over analysis. There can be some beneficial separation from your mother during this time, or perhaps travel away from home.

Cancer (5th)
Are the adult kids still at home? Maybe it’s time to cut the strings. You will also experience a surge of unusual creativity – if you can learn to channel that impulse in some way that benefits others, you will feel very self-fulfilled.

Leo (6th)
You may become bored with your everyday work or job. There is also a possibility of developing an interest in alternative or even really esoteric healing modalities. You may wish to adopt a new pet if your have an older pet in case there comes some sort of separation. And if the pet is a little unusual somehow, so much the better!

Virgo (7th)
Find a way to have some beneficial alone time from your partner, with travel, spiritual retreats or simply meditation. If you are single, enjoy this time because there is a good opportunity to re-invent yourself for that next more fulfilling relationship.

Libra (8th)
Possible unexpected windfalls, money, legacies or inheritances may come your way. There will also be a desire to take your spiritual pursuits in an unusual direction, or there may be an increased fascination with ancient knowledge systems and cultures. Death will be less of a mystery for you as you begin to understand that all transitions are transformations.

Scorpio (9th)
There could be some separation from the father or from authority figures in general. You will have a heightened fascination with higher knowledge that is connected somehow to the past – such as astrology, yoga, or tantra. You may have difficulty finding your teacher during this time or your current teacher may separate from you. Patience as this can portend a new direction in your life.

Sagittarius (10th)
Yes, that career is creating some dissatisfaction, especially if it is a conventional job. Even if you are not ready to quite your present job, develop a new outlet to express your energy in the outer world in some unusual way. Maybe it’s finally time to be that part-time yoga teacher!

Capricorn (11th)
Easy come and easy go. You may receive extra money or resources during this time. Yet at the same time there is such a strong sense of spiritual longing that material dissatisfaction may color your happiness.

Aquarius (12th)
Spiritual liberation is on your mind – really. There is a strong desire to beneficially self-isolate, like that remote beach house or cabin in the woods – or maybe just a renovation of your home meditation space. Meditation brings great results these next 18 months and your ego can take a much needed vacation!

Pisces (1st)
There will be a dreamy and otherworldly side of your self this next year and a half. Find a way to manifest those dreams instead of being lost in fantasy. Resist the temptation to escape into a relationship in order to avoid the inner work that you can do so well during this time.

Regardless of your sign, the spiritual energy of Ketu will find a way to come into a new area of your life over these next 18 months. Remember that separation does not mean you have to be alone and simply because you wander, you do not have to be lost. Embrace the changes Ketu brings and you can take the next leap forward in your spiritual journey.


Sun Enters CANCER July 16th

The Sun enters the Vedic sign of Cancer on July 16th and marks the Vedic month of Sravana.  This is a great month for balancing the emotions with mantra and pranayama. It is also favorable for creating a home yoga practice and enjoying a summer yogic diet!

CANCER Sun (July 16-August 16)

If you were born July 16 to August 16, your birth Sun is in Cancer according to Vedic Astrology. The Moon is associated with Cancer and gives its emotional, sensitive and changeable quality to this sign.  Cancer people like to live near water, greenery or gardens. They are attached to their home and inner emotional life although they also enjoy traveling. They have excellent intuition and trust their feelings over their thoughts. They have a real need to nurture, teach, and heal and often have connections with children.

The sign of Cancer can make the person mysterious, introspective, changeable, and adaptable. One of their main motivations is to create a sense of lasting security in their homes, their family, and relationships. They are very sensitive as to how physical and emotional environments affect their state of mind.

The Cancer Yogi

The Cancer Yogi is naturally intuitive about their yoga practice. They are ideal candidates for creating a home yoga practice because that’s where you will often find them! They are sensitive to their own needs and may gravitate toward emotionally supportive yoga styles and postures.  Put them in Child Pose and you will have a happy Cancer Yogi. They enjoy collecting books about yoga and will be fascinated by recipes for yogic meals. They make good yoga friends but can be overly sensitive to any criticisms about their yoga practice.

Yoga can provide the Cancer Yogi with a neutral mind and greater emotional stability, as well as a way to socialize with people of their own interests. They make great children’s yoga teachers, as well as prenatal and postnatal yoga teachers. The journey of yoga can provide the Cancer Yogi what they have been seeking all their lives: lasting peace through emotional security. This comes about when they understand true security only comes when they surrender the dependence on outer things to achieve it, be it a home, a job or a relationship, and find the lasting security that comes from true knowledge of the self’s infinite nature.