Moon Cycles
(US Central Time)
June 8, 10:56 am NEW MOON
June 23, 6:32 am FULL MOON (Lunar Eclipse)


Jupiter in Gemini!
June begins with Jupiter in its new sign of Gemini! This marks the start of a one-year period for Jupiter as it leaves Taurus and begins to bring beneficial changes to new areas in everyone’s lives. How will Jupiter in Gemini affect you?

For a most accurate reading, you should read these descriptions based on your Vedic Moon sign. If you don’t know that, then use your Vedic rising sign. If you don’t know that, then you can use your Vedic Sun sign based on your birth date (remember your Vedic sun may be the sign previous to your Western Sun sign).

Read these descriptions for your Moon sign, Rising sign, or Sun sign to find out what Jupiter can do for you over the next 12 months:

ARIES – This can be a good year to interact with your siblings, take short trips, launch communication projects, and use your expanded motivation and courage to execute big plans.

TAURUS – Good energy for prosperity, taking care of family issues, and working on your diet. Also great for writing and speaking with wisdom.

GEMINI – Your personality expands, but maybe your body too, so watch for weight gain. Yet this can be an excellent year for good health and people will find you jovial and pleasant to be around.

CANCER – Meditation, meditation, meditation! Also an excellent year for foreign travel, ashrams, and working behind the scenes.

LEO – Increased income and good gains for this year. You should attract beneficial friends, and may be drawn to groups, organizations and people who help people.

VIRGO – Career goes great! Don’t take on too much or over-expand your work horizons. Activities in the outer world get a boast.

LIBRA – Teach or find your teacher! Relationship with your father improves, and you will have an easy time developing your higher mind through philosophy or spirituality. Long distance travel calls!

SCORPIO – Your interest in yoga grows and grows! Possible unexpected income or gifts. An excellent year to work on self-transformation, psychology, therapy and discover life’s secrets.

SAGITTARIUS – It’s all about relationships! This is the year to improve old ones or start new ones. For some, it’s marriage time.

CAPRICORN – You can start some great self-improvement routines that will help you over the next 12 years, and get good news about your health. Take time to be of service, maybe through teaching.

AQUARIUS – You are creatively fertile! Have a baby, write a book, create great art, and re-discover hidden talents.

PISCES – Beneficial for your home – you may expand it or move to a larger place. Also, your relationship with your mother could improve, and you may also feel more emotionally expansive.

Venus Wants Love – and Security
On June 22nd, Venus leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer, and we move from a “thinky” relationship approach to a “feely” one. For the first 3 weeks of this month while Venus is in Gemini, we may tend to over intellectualize our relationships or run our feelings through our minds. Sexy mind games are fun now! But with the entry of Venus into Cancer during the last week of June, we want emotional as well as financial security in our relationships.

We will go with how we feel rather than what we think after the 22nd, and one thing we will feel is the desire for more support and security in our relationships! At the same time, we may be overly sensitive to the words and actions of our partners. Relax. Nurture yourself and be extra nurturing to your partner. Snuggling at home after a delicious meal is a delightful Venus in Cancer thing to do! Sp fix food together, trade massages, and repeatedly ask each other “So, how are you feeling?”

Mercury, oh Mercury!
On June 26th, Mercury comes to a seeming standstill and then begins its approximate 3 weeks of retrogression. I know it seems like Mercury goes retrograde every month, but it’s really only every 3-4 months! And as with every Mercury retrograde, we get to practice patience, compassion, amusement and, above all, flexibility as our communications become challenging and plans made seem to go awry.

More about Mercury retrograde in our mid-month update, but make your plans now to take care of contracts, electronic purchases, travel plans, and sensitive communications before the 26th.

The Sun in Gemini

The Sun enters the Vedic sign of Gemini on June 14th.  This is a great month for reading and studying yogic texts, learning sacred languages and starting a mantra practice!

The Gemini Sun Person

If you were born between June 14 and July 14, you are a Gemini Sun according to Vedic Astrology. According to modern Vedic astrology texts, those born under a Gemini Sun are very intelligent people with capable abilities in many different areas, especially the sciences of life and are usually well educated. These are successful people who are skillful with money and do well in their careers. They are polite, kind to others and are extremely good communicators. Talented in many things, they tend to try to do too much at once and can become tired from the endeavor. These are social people who require variety in life, and dislike being bored.

The Gemini Yogi

June 14-July 14
The Gemini Sun Yogi likes a variety of yoga practices and can learn fast but he or she may try to do too many things at once and need to stay focused! If there is someone talking in yoga class, the odds are that it is the Gemini Yogi.  They love partner work, and can eventually excel at arm balances. Their attention wanders a lot and they like a class with lots of movement and often music or mantra. They need to learn to sit still so they can focus their mind, but even in relaxation their thoughts still race. They can become excellent practitioners of pranayama as well as students of the yogic texts.

Mercury Goes Backward

Just a reminder that on June 26th, Mercury begins its approximate 3 weeks of retrogression. Try to finish up any projects before then and not start anything major for the following three weeks. It is a great time to complete projects you have put aside or revisit previous plans and ideas. Do be prepared for misdirected or delayed communications, and check everything twice. If your phone or computer breaks during this period, which would not be surprising, it would be better to get it repaired than buy a new one. Wait until Mercury goes direct before making that purchase. Good time to clear out closets, reorganize files, and find misplaced objects.

Summer Solstice Arrives June 21st

Since the most ancient of times, in all cultures, and before all religions, the day of Summer Solstice was considered the turning point of the year, the time when the Sun “stood still” and the longest day of the year ensued.

Many communities centered their sacred buildings such as tombs and temples upon the direct alignment with the solstices. And there is speculation that the first science, astrology (which later transmuted into simple astronomy) was developed to observe these powerful days of the years.

On Summer Solstice, we celebrate the time when this solar energy is the highest, the soul’s light the brightest, and our ability to connect to this light during the longest day of the year the most opportune.

The Sun in both yoga and astrology represents the energy of the Soul. Many practices in yoga are based on working with the body’s internal solar energies, from sun salutations, to surya bheda (right nostril breathing), and to some of the oldest mantras, such as RAM or RAMA, or the ancient Sun mantra, OM SURAYA NAMAH.

This is the most powerful day of the year to connect to your soul’s inner sun and meditate, meditate, meditate.