While there are many interesting astrological occurrences this month (including Summer Solstice – more on that later), the major event for almost everyone is the annual movement of Jupiter into a new sign. Use your Moon Sign, Rising Sign, or Sun Sign (from Vedic astrology) and find out what this means for you!

Jupiter Enters Cancer June 19th

This month Jupiter leaves the sign of Gemini and enters Cancer where it is in exaltation, or its most powerful sign position. Jupiter is often considered to be the Great Benefic, bringing opportunities, gifts, and higher knowledge. It is the planet of the Teacher, spirituality, dharma, and the counselor. It makes our spiritual endeavors easier and is instrumental in the practice of meditation. And once every 12 years, it occupies its most favorable sign of Cancer. It will remain here for the next twelve months, so get ready for expansion and good fortune in various areas of your life.

You will get the best results from this information if you use your Vedic Moon sign (which is often not the same as your Western Moon sign). You can also use your Vedic rising sign to get more secondary information about how this new placement of Jupiter will affect you. And if you do not know either your Moon sign or rising sign, then you can use your Vedic Sun sign and read the following descriptions of how Jupiter will exert its positive influence in your life. And if you do not know any of these things, maybe it’s time you saw your Vedic astrologer!

If your Moon Sign or Rising Sign (and Sun Sign) is in one of these signs, this is how Jupiter will exert its influence over the next year:

Jupiter may want us to redecorate, remodel, or otherwise improve our living surroundings. There can be a real tendency to over expend in this area, particularly as we really want to beautify our home. In general, we tend to feel happy, the emotions are good, and the relationship with our mother (or being a mother!) improves.

Jupiter brings good luck to short journeys, our siblings, and can bring a renewed sense of confidence and self-belief. This is a good time to expand our ambitions and have courage to accomplish our goals. Self-expression and communication goes well, but we may also find ourselves having to manage an ever-expanding flow of information.

Jupiter can now help you relax and enjoy the pleasures of life. There is usually professional and personal recognition, and our words and speaking can be very inspiring. There is often an influx of money and wealth, perhaps connected with family, but we may also experience a need to pay more attention to our spiritual responsibilities.

Jupiter is now in your sign and this brings a sense of expansion to all areas of your life, particularly how you see yourself and your identity. It usually brings good health, but there could be a tendency to weight gain or water retention. It often renews our interest in spirituality and can also be beneficial for our children.

This brings Jupiter into the area of our life connected with meditation, foreign travel, and the bedroom. Positively, you may be able to greatly expand and advance in your meditation practice and other countries or foreign influences can bring prosperity. Yet there is also a possibility of expanding our debt or spending too much time in bed.

However you define prosperity, material or spiritual, Jupiter has got your name on it. This is year for gains of all sorts – you only need to be clear about what it is you really need. Partnerships become joyous, pleasant travels, and good cooperation with older siblings and your friends. A feeling of all around happiness pervades this time.

Jupiter gives you a great year to expand the career or add something new to your activities in the outside world. Remember your career is also about the other things you do with your life’s energies besides making money. This could be the year you discover a new expansive side to your ability to accomplish your goals.

Teach or find a teacher! You are in for a great year in all things related to higher knowledge, credentialed professions, and even long-distance travel. There can be an addition to the family (maybe that cute kitten?), festive celebrations, and prosperity. This would be the year for that spiritual pilgrimage or extensive purification practice.

It is likely there will be some sort of unexpected wealth, maybe from a $50 rebate off your car insurance to the million dollar great-aunt you had forgotten about. This is also a good time to seek higher knowledge through the occult, yoga, and all transformational practices. You may also benefit from therapeutic endeavors as well as ancient knowledge.

This is like spring time for all relationships! Good beginnings for new relationships, fresh growth in established ones. Relax your sometimes serious nature and enjoy the pleasures of life, particularly those that can be found in the bedroom (and we’re not talking about watching television). Your power of speech and intelligence are extensively recognized.

Health should be good during this year, but we do need to be mindful of the diet, particularly sweets. Karma yoga, service as meditation, is an excellent practice now. Good results usually come from litigation this year and enemies can become friends. See if you can see the opportunities in what appear to be obstacles and you will do well!

Create, create, create! There is a new alignment of mental creativity and psychological satisfaction that brings forth new projects, recognition and honor. If you are the right age, it also supports giving birth to a child. All creative enterprises bring great joy and satisfaction. Financial speculation goes very well if we do not throw all caution away.

Enjoy this exalted year of Jupiter in your life. You only have to recognize and graciously accept what these opportunities are bringing you!

Mercury Goes Retrograde June 7

It’s that time (already!) again. Mercury begins its second retrograde of the year on June 7, and stays that way all through the rest of the month until July 2.

While Mercury retrograde is noted for its ability to create miscommunication and misdirected efforts, its not all about missed phone calls and failed contracts. The rest of the month after June 7th will be good for returning to abandoned projects, solving old problems, and re-starting your yoga or meditation practice.

You may also find misplaced items and enjoy re-reading favorite books, especially those that have inspired you when you were younger. It’s also a good time to repair relationships with younger siblings.

Finally, you may really enjoy becoming a student again and returning to previous studies.
Mercury retrograde does not have to be a time of frozen action. It’s not a retreat – it’s advancing backwards!

Summer Solstice Arrives June 21st

Since the most ancient of times, in all cultures, and before all religions, the day of Summer Solstice was considered the turning point of the year, the time when the Sun “stood still” and the longest day of the year ensued.

Many communities centered their sacred buildings such as tombs and temples upon the direct alignment with the solstices. And there is speculation that the first science, astrology (which later transmuted into simple astronomy) was developed to observe these powerful days of the years.

On Summer Solstice, we celebrate the time when this solar energy is the highest, the soul’s light the brightest, and our ability to connect to this light during the longest day of the year the most opportune.

The Sun in both yoga and astrology represents the energy of the Soul. Many practices in yoga are based on working with the body’s internal solar energies, from sun salutations, to surya bheda (right nostril breathing), and to some of the oldest mantras, such as RAM or RAMA, or the ancient Sun mantra, OM SURAYA NAMAH.

This is the most powerful day of the year to connect to your soul’s inner sun and meditate, meditate, meditate.

Happy Solstice!

Sun in Gemini

The Sun enters the Vedic sign of Gemini on June 14th. This is a great month for reading and studying yogic texts, learning sacred languages and starting a mantra practice!

The Gemini Sun Person If you were born between June 14 and July 14, you are a Gemini Sun according to Vedic Astrology. According to modern Vedic astrology texts, those born under a Gemini Sun are very intelligent people with capable abilities in many different areas, especially the sciences of life and are usually well educated. These are successful people who are skillful with money and do well in their careers. They are polite, kind to others and are extremely good communicators. Talented in many things, they tend to try to do too much at once and can become tired from the endeavor. These are social people who require variety in life, and dislike being bored.

The Gemini Yogi June 14-July 14 The Gemini Sun Yogi likes a variety of yoga practices and can learn fast but he or she may try to do too many things at once and need to stay focused! If there is someone talking in yoga class, the odds are that it is the Gemini Yogi. They love partner work, and can eventually excel at arm balances. Their attention wanders a lot and they like a class with lots of movement and often music or mantra. They need to learn to sit still so they can focus their mind, but even in relaxation their thoughts still race. They can become excellent practitioners of pranayama as well as students of the yogic texts.