Timing is Everything

Vedic astrologers are often called upon to select the best time or day for an important event to take place or action to occur, such as getting married, beginning a trip, starting a business, having surgery, or just having that big party.

This practice is called Muhurta, or electional astrology – when we can elect or choose a good time.

By finding a good time to commence the birth or life of an activity or venture, we can relieve or correct difficult conditions that might inhibit positive results and cause blocks to progress.

In ancient times and today, an astrologer can be used to help select the date and time for both Material and Spiritual events, such as:

Spiritual practices – beginning a meditation practice, weddings, naming a newborn, changing your name, wearing a gemstone for the first time, meeting your teacher, and receiving a mantra among other things.

Material concerns – starting one’s education, career, or business, scheduling surgery, starting a trip, naming a business, or even getting a new pet.

So if you are planning significant events or changes in your life, why not have the planets on your side? After all, timing is everything!





Life gets back on track and moves forward toward Solstice as little old mischievous Mercury ends its retrogression. You’ve been waiting to plan that summer vacation, buy that ticket to Europe, or simply change your cell phone plan? Go for it!





All human beings, and indeed even the animals, respond strongly to this highest energy day of the year on June 21st. Summer Solstice is the first “holy day” of the human race, acknowledged in all cultures as a time of great transition, transformation and opportunity for spiritual growth.

Some say that the practice of astrology (and later astronomy) began with the attempts of humans to predict and honor this day of the great Sun luminary. Regardless of all spiritual beliefs or religious practices, summer solstice unites us all in the light of the One Father that brings the possibility of inner illumination.

Astrology and Yoga both fully appreciate that the energies of the planets and the two luminaries exist as much inside ourselves as outside of us. And so this day of Summer Solstice can be an opportunity for profound inner development and self-transformation if we can find a way to connect to this day.

If you are at the beach or under a shade tree, please take at least 10-15 minutes this day to connect to your sun energy, your ability to bring and share your light equally to all, just as the Sun does every day.

The ancient Sun mantra “OM SURYA NAMAHAH” or “RAM” can be chanted or simply sit in silent meditation at sunrise or sunset. Chanting the names of the Sun as your perform 12 Sun Salutations to each of the 12 compass points is another traditional yogic way to honor this day and your inner Sun.

We all shine on – like the sun, the stars in the sky.