The Teacher in the Shadows:
Jupiter Meets Rahu

Jupiter moves into exact conjunction with the shadowy Vedic planet Rahu on June 20th almost exactly when Summer Solstice begins. Rahu and Jupiter have been hanging together already for a number of months, but this is the day they get up close and personal.

Rahu is a shadow planet – it does not physically exist but its influence is felt as an eclipse or a “shadowing” over any planet that it transits. It hides and distorts the energy of the eclipsed planet, while also giving it an energy that is foreign or separating in nature. Fundamentally, Rahu creates illusion and delusion so we become confused about what is real and what is not.

Jupiter represents the teacher, the guru, as well as the counselor and adviser. It is also associated with dharma, spirituality, and innate wisdom.

So what happens when Rahu meets Jupiter?

One interpretation is that Rahu can separate us from our real teacher. It hides Jupiter, or the teacher, in a cloak of illusion so that the teacher appears removed or is foreign to us – it exists in our lives like a famous actor in a movie – attractive but unattainable. Consequently, this combination of Rahu and Jupiter, either in a birth chart or in a transit like the one occurring this month, in extreme cases can make a person susceptible to a false teacher, particularly a charismatic individual that seeks to replace the student’s identity with their own.

For most of us, however, the conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter simply causes us to forget what my teacher Yogi Bhajan once said: “The only purpose of having a teacher outside yourself is to remind you of the teacher within yourself.”

As Jupiter leaves Rahu behind this month, it’s a wonderful time to recognize and honor that energy that first led us to our path and accompanies us always on our journey:

The teacher that is always with us, the teacher within us.

Mars Goes Direct –
All Martians Celebrate!

Mars goes direct in the Vedic sign of Scorpio on June 29th, removing that sense of being thwarted in our desired actions to move forward. Folks with prominent Aries or Scorpio in their birth charts (the signs of Mars) will really feel the ease, and can begin to externalize all those internal plans now. Do ease into this new energy, as it may take a few weeks for all the chains to drop away.

Talking About Your Venus

Venus enters Gemini June 12th and the communication styles in our relationships are highlighted. The next few weeks offer opportunities to talk through issues that may be present in your significant relationships. If you can talk to your partner as you would talk to your best friend, you may find you have both a lover and a friend. Charm, wit, and playfulness will win the day, and short trips with your lover bring new meaning to your life.

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice arrives a little early this year on
Monday June 20th at 5:34 AM (Central).

If you are not normally up this time of morning for your yoga practice,
you may want to arise on this day before the Sun to experience the powerful energy of a sunrise solstice meditation:

Ideally this is done outside where you can see the sun rise. Meditate with eyes open as the sun rises over the horizon. Close the eyes when the sun has risen to the height of its diameter (do not stare at the sun beyond this point). With eyes closed, continue visualizing its light and feel its warmth on your face. This is an ancient way to connect intimately to the energy of the day when it is at its pinnacle of strength.

You may also chant the following mantra that uses the ancient name of the Sun (RAM) to bring joy and happiness on this day.

Chant the third line (RaMa RaMa RaMa RaMa) twice as fast as the other lines to create a strong rhythm and cadence:

Ra Ra Ra Ra
Ma Ma Ma Ma
RaMa RaMa RaMa RaMa
Sa Ta Na Ma

On this longest day of the year, with the beginning of summer,
let us remember to be as steady and generous as the sun,
shining our light on everyone.