March 8th: Solar Eclipse


The first eclipse solar eclipse of 2016 occurs March 8th in the Vedic sign of Aquarius.

Solar eclipses usually bring into question our concept of identity. Who are we? What did we come to do? How do we need to change to spiritualize our life and to realize our destiny. The effects of a solar eclipse can be felt for up to six months by everyone, and this one will be most strongly experienced by those with planets in the signs of Scorpio and Aquarius, as well as those born March 7th-9th.

The Sun represents the soul, or Atman, in Vedic astrology and an eclipse brings a darkening of the light so that we may better encounter our shadows and hidden self. If we chose to meditate and recommit to a spiritual practice at that time, all will be well. If we refuse to change according to the needs of our evolutions, then life may feel difficult.

The best advice for this day is to forgo major life decisions and come to stillness during the daylight hours with meditation, prayer, and self-reflection.


March 19th / 20th: Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox occurs right before midnight on the 19th (central time) and early morning the 20th for our brothers and sisters to the east.

During this equal time of day and night, sun and moon, it is good to also equalize ourselves with balancing yoga practices and diet. Alternate nostril breathing, chanting to both the sun and the moon, practicing the balance postures of yoga, and adding the balancing energy of fresh green foods to the diet are all advised.

Remember that the heart center chakra is the balance point of the energetic body, so meditating with palms at the heart center is a wonderful equinox practice.

March 23rd: Lunar Eclipse


Solar and lunar eclipses come in pairs, and our eclipse around the full moon in the Vedic sign of Virgo brings our attention to the hidden areas of our lives around diet, exercise, service, and healthy habits. Time to make changes in these aspects of our lives over the next 30 days!

Virgo moon people, and those with Virgo rising, also need to revisit their tendency to be overly self-critical during this time as well. Don’t judge yourself – change yourself!

March 24th: Saturn Retrograde

First, do not worry. Saturn is almost retrograde half the time anyway, and its effects are usually not as obvious or bothersome as the Mercury retrogrades that we get to enjoy 3 or 4 times a year.

However – suspenseful pause – energy will shift during this retrograde until August 13th (told you Saturn keeps on retrograding!).

How a Saturn retrograde affects you depends primarily on where your moon sign or rising sign may be (and a visit to your friendly Vedic astrologer can help you determine that!).

So, find your Moon sign or rising (ascendant) sign and discover the areas of your life that can use some reexamination and patience during Saturn’s retrograde influence:

  • Aries – career and friends
  • Taurus – spirituality and friends
  • Gemini – transformation and spirituality
  • Cancer – relationships and transformation
  • Leo – health and relationships
  • Virgo – children (creativity) and health
  • Libra – home (mother) and creativity
  • Scorpio – communication and home
  • Sagittarius – diet and siblings
  • Capricorn – self and family
  • Aquarius – self and meditation
  • Pisces – meditation and community

Remember that Saturn always teaches us patience, perseverance, discipline, and service, and its retrograde period compels us to check in and see how we’re doing!