In Vedic astrology, Ketu is the place where eclipses occur. It is a “shadow planet,” and while not an actual planet, it has the ability to darken or hide the other planets.

Ketu can represent our past, or past karma, and that which is hidden from us. It also creates separation wherever it occurs, hiding something from us as if it had disappeared.

Because it creates darkness, Ketu also can lead us to look for the light within that darkness. As such, it also exerts a spiritualizing influence in our life.

This month Ketu figures prominently as it conjoins several planets in the Vedic sign of Pisces.

On March 1, Ketu “hides” Venus and this can create some separation in our relationships that day. Maybe it’s time to take a walk by yourself, or spend some time in heart-centered meditation. We may also use this day to discover and honor the spiritual aspects of our relationships. Finally, we may encounter a relationship from the past that day or a couple days thereafter.

On March 8, Ketu casts its shadow over Mars and we may have some karma with our brothers or siblings around that day. There could be memories of past physical confrontations, and it is important that we do not react harshly or attack with our words that day.

Finally on March 30, Ketu covers the light of the Sun. This can bring up issues around authority or our father. We may suffer from a lack of confidence or self-belief this day. However, this is also an opportune time to encounter the spiritual side of our self and honor the journey of our Soul (Sun) through our lifetimes.

If you are on a spiritual path, Ketu will guide you through the darkness to the light in a profound and elevating manner. If not – well, bring a flashlight with extra batteries for this month!



Our first solar eclipse of 2015 occurs March 20 in the Vedic sign of Pisces. Those who will be most affected by the eclipse have Pisces or Virgo as their rising signs or who were born between February 15-March 15 (Pisces sun) and between August 15-September 15 (Virgo sun). If your birthday is March 19-21, this could be a year of a new beginning in your life.

In general, eclipse days are best used for reflection and meditation. Making important decisions is tricky on these days because there are always hidden factors we may not be fully cognizant of during an eclipse.

Add the arrival of the Spring Equinox on the same day and just a few hours after the eclipse, and we have a powerful start to what is also the Vedic New Year, or the Ugadi Festival.

One of the ways this New Year festival is celebrated is to eat sacred food that contains the six flavors of life: salty, sour, sweet, pungent, bitter and astringent.

This is to remind us that life is a mixture of all experiences, pleasant and difficult, and that all are best treated alike and with the selfsame equanimity that the practice of yoga and meditation can provide us.


With the arrival of the Equinox, the Vedic New Year, and the Solar Eclipse, we need to create balance in our energies and mind. My favorite go to yoga practice for balance is this basic breath series:

Breathe through the left nostril only
(3 minutes)
Breathe through the right nostril only
(3 minutes)
Inhale left nostril and exhale right
(3 minutes)
Inhale right nostril and exhale left
(3 minutes)
Long deep breathing or breath of fire both nostrils (7 minutes)