The Return of the Eclipses!

Right after the eclipse we had last month comes a pair in May! We’ll talk about the Lunar Eclipse on May 24th in our mid-month update two weeks from now. For today, let’s see what the Solar Eclipse on May 9th holds for all.

The Solar Eclipse at 7:28 pm (Central time) comes with the New Moon. At this time, we will have the Moon, Sun, Mars, Mercury and Ketu all in the Vedic sign of Aries. But perhaps more significantly, all of these planets are all within 3 degrees of each other and they are all in the Vedic moon nakshatra known as Bharani!

What do planets being in Bharani mean, especially during a Solar eclipse?

Planets in Bharani give a passionate and artistic temperament coupled with potent creative energy that may be sexual in nature. There will be an ability to be focused and goal-oriented and you can experience a deep transformation if you exert self-control and will power to overcome obstacles.

You will need to practice Bhramacharya, the yogic yama of divine conduct, as well as exercise responsibility in your intimate relationships. Your mind can be easily focused through meditation, and you will enjoy postures and other yogic practices that require an application of your will. This is a good position for the planets if you are interested in astrology, yoga and shamanism.
When the moon is in the nakshatra of Bharani, it is an excellent day to perform the shatkarmas, or the cleansing practices of yoga, and to fast by eating a restricted or mono-diet. Sexual yoga practices are also highlighted this day, as all creative activities, including gardening and taking care of children, which can all create a flowing meditative experience. If you have postponed a yoga practice for some reason, this a good time to revisit and recommit.

At the time of the eclipse, the 5 planets in Bharani are located in the 7th house, or the area of relationships. This gives an even more important slant to the sexual nature of this nakshatra. If you can transform how you conduct yourself in your intimate relationships, you can come to a new understanding of your sexuality over the next twelve months. There is a potential to separate from relationships with Ketu in the seventh house at this time if we become overly absorbed with our own needs.

This is the time to ask yourself: What are my partner’s needs and what are my needs? Are they in balance, both sexually and otherwise?

With the transit of Jupiter and Venus occurring the day before the eclipse, this will give an extra emphasis on the role that the feminine partner plays in this relationship. If that’s you, then this could be the day to either practice sacred sex or be consciously celibate.

Speaking of Venus

Venus enters the Vedic sign of Taurus on May 4th. This is an excellent sign for Venus, and people with Taurus rising will be especially attractive this month. This is a deeply sensual sign for Venus, especially in the area of touch. Use your hands lovingly, or get a nurturing massage. There will also be a focus on financial security and stability in the area of relationships. Partners will need to be loyal and there can also be a sense of possessiveness. It’s a great month for music, art, gardening (particularly flowers!), and acquiring high quality assets and possessions.

Go shopping, make love, and meditate on the sacredness of all relationships!

The Taurus Sun Person

If you were born between May 14 to June 14, you are a Taurus Sun according to Vedic Astrology. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which makes these people sensual, loving beauty both in things generally and the environment in particular. They are very “down to earth”: practical people. These people are dependable, have ambition and can work steadily in their time to achieve their goals. They are very strong willed and can be extremely stubborn at times. Making them angry will never get them to concede, so it’s wise to be kind and patient. These people are fairly analytical and don’t rush into things without thinking. They have high intelligence, patience and believe in themselves and their abilities. They can be very talented in business and usually marry well. They enjoy food and may have musical talents.

The Taurus Yogi

The Taurus Sun Yogi is practical, stable, resourceful, reliable, and patient and they may enjoy a methodical, slow pragmatic approach to yoga.  They can also be obstinate, so may need to watch for an unwillingness to change their practice and not following directions. Alas, they also may have a tendency to laziness so it may be hard to get them moving. The good news? Once they get going, they will go the distance and can stick with a routine.  They can commit to a practice and be very reliable once they start a yoga program or training. Just don’t make them too uncomfortable in class and practice in beautiful surroundings if you want a happy Taurus yogi.

Speaking of Taurus … and the Eclipse!

On May 24th we experience the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse at 11:25 pm (Central Time) in the sign of Taurus. Along with the Sun, there will also be Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter also in Taurus. This brings relief to all as Saturn in Libra is no longer in opposition to Sun and Mars. Power struggles in partnerships should dissipate, and all communications will go more smoothly later in the month as Mercury and Venus go in to Gemini, to also be joined by Jupiter in Gemini on the last day of May. Virgos and Geminis will be especially pleased as they have been getting knocked around a lot the past few months.

The full moon lunar eclipse will be powerful as the Moon is located in Scorpio, a sign of mystery, secrets, power and transformation. The moon is challenged in Scorpio, and can create emotional turmoil. It is not a good day to take anything personally, even if it should be meant that way. Practice pre-forgiveness three days before this eclipse and your life will be so much better in all respects. The eclipse and full moon also occur in the nakshatra (star sign) of Anuradha.

When the moon is in the nakshatra of Anuradha, this is an excellent time for meditation, particularly in a natural setting or outdoors. Group related yoga activities go very well today, and a good time to spend time with your yoga friends.

This would also be a good day to engage in yogic healing or cleansing practices. Research, self-study, and time spent in beneficial isolation can support your meditational activities. Foreign travel and financial activities are also favored today, as well as any things that must be done secretly or in private.

This is not a good time to start significant new activities or engage in confrontation. Don’t pull out the sword, show the sword, or even say that you have a sword.

And let’s all look forward to the entry of Jupiter in Gemini the week after the eclipse. Good news for everyone coming in next month’s newsletter!