After our two eclipses in April, May will seem like a nice time to breathe more easily and enjoy the flowers. And since June promises several highly significant astrological changes, let’s all enjoy what May can bring, such as a welcome redirection of a Mars retrograde and a sojourn by Venus in its exalted sign.

Mars Goes Direct

On May 20, Mars ends its retrogression and begins to go direct in Virgo. A great time to get things moving forward, depending upon what Mars may signify in your charts. For people with Libra or Taurus as their rising sign or moon sign, this can be a good time to get partnership issues on track again. For those with Pisces or Leo rising or moon signs, your long distance travel plans can now be safely made. If you have an Aquarius or Cancer moon, or as your rising signs, career opportunities are easier to advance.  For Capricorn rising or moon, issues around moving or remodeling your home go easier. For Sagittarius, creative projects get back on track.  If Scorpio, Gemini or Aries is your rising or moon sign, old health issues may now be resolved.

And for almost all of us, Mars going direct means that we do not have the sense of being restrained, inhibited or frustrated in the things we want to do. Just be careful and don’t be too impulsive or hasty as this energy is finally unblocked. Remember Mars is in Virgo, so retrograde or not, we will tend to fight with words and criticism instead of swords and knives. And words create more karma than knives!

Venus Exalted in Pisces

We begin May with Venus still exalted in the Vedic sign of Pisces where it will remain until the 23rd. A very fabulous time for Taurus, Libra and Pisces people, and really everyone who is in love or even thinks that they are! Artistic endeavors, relationships, music, dance, and even studying sacred scriptures are so favorable right now. Venus allows us to enjoy the pleasures of the sensual world and what better time with spring in the air?

What Is Astrology Yoga?

Yoga is the way to insure we remain healthy in body, mind, and spirit so we can successfully travel this path to enlightenment.

Yet without understanding the nature of our innate self and our soul’s purpose, the timing and type of our yoga practices may be inappropriate, and the actions we take may be ineffective.

This is the role of Astrology in the practice of Yoga. To understand our basic nature and our life purpose, to realize the gifts and challenges we bring into this journey, and to align ourselves with the cosmic cycles of time to help us move forward.

Yoga and Astrology, as practiced and originated from India, come from the same spiritual source of the Vedic teachings as discovered by the Rishis in their profound meditative and mystical states of super-consciousness.

Both Yoga and Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, share the same purpose: To enable practitioners to advance in their spiritual evolution and to gain the self-knowledge that leads to liberation.

Whereas Yoga is a technology that relies on personal experience and the employment of techniques, Astrology is a science that relies on observation and interpretation of cosmic laws.

On the spiritual journey, Yoga provides the seeker with the answers to “How” and “What” while Astrology reveals “When” and “Why.”

Yoga provides the tools of asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra and meditation and teaches us how to use them. Astrology allows us to understand the karma and the dharma that brought us into this existence and how to interact with our past, present and future.

The great Vedic astrologers, or Jyotishis, used yoga to facilitate the changes in the soul’s journey through time and to remedy the challenging cosmic conditions brought about by birth and the natural unfolding of life. Yoga provides the astrologer with the tools to help facilitate the changes brought about by the planetary cycles, as well as techniques to remedy the challenges and to expand the opportunities shown in the birth chart.

The great Yogis used astrology as a method to determine the most effective yoga practices for an individual according to their karmic conditions and how to adapt the practices to the cycles of time. Astrology provides the Yogi with a method to understand and appreciate the unique challenges and opportunities that the cycles of time bring us, as well as providing the yoga practitioner and teacher with a diagnostic tool to determine the most effective practices. More importantly, astrology can reveal the karmic issues to be addressed through the yoga practice.

Astrology Yoga brings these two ancient sister sciences together again for today’s spiritual seeker.

(From the book Astrology Yoga: Cosmic Cycles of Transformation by Mehtab)


The Sun enters the sign of Taurus and brings a focus on the sensual pleasures of life and things of beauty. Think spring flowers and fresh strawberries! A great time to start a 40-day meditation to culminate on Summer Solstice.

The Taurus Sun Person

If you were born between May 14 to June 14, you are a Taurus Sun according to Vedic Astrology. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which makes these people sensual, loving beauty both in things generally and the environment in particular. They are very “down to earth”: practical people. These people are dependable, have ambition and can work steadily in their time to achieve their goals. They are very strong willed and can be extremely stubborn at times. Making them angry will never get them to concede, so it’s wise to be kind and patient. These people are fairly analytical and don’t rush into things without thinking. They have high intelligence, patience and believe in themselves and their abilities. They can be very talented in business and usually marry well. They enjoy food and may have musical talents.

The Taurus Yogi

The Taurus Sun Yogi is practical, stable, resourceful, reliable, and patient and they may enjoy a methodical, slow pragmatic approach to yoga.  They can also be obstinate, so may need to watch for an unwillingness to change their practice and not following directions. Alas, they also may have a tendency to laziness so it may be hard to get them moving. The good news? Once they get going, they will go the distance and can stick with a routine.  They can commit to a practice and be very reliable once they start a yoga program or training. Just don’t make them too uncomfortable in class and practice in beautiful surroundings if you want a happy Taurus yogi.