It’s the magical time of the year when Mercury goes retrograde, or appears to be moving backwards in time and space for about three weeks, which can sometimes make us feel as if we ourselves are going backwards or repeating ourselves.

If folks have difficulty “believing” in astrology, this is a good time to demonstrate how a cosmically timed event affects almost everyone’s life. Typically during a Mercury retrograde period, it seems as if our communications go backwards or have to be repeated. No one is ever there the first time you call, and people often have a challenge in getting their words out right or they simply misspeak and have to correct themselves (watch politicians and see).

Travel also seems to present challenges, and you can amuse yourself by counting the times you often have to go back to your house before you finally leave on a trip. Contracts and legal matters always seem to need to be reworked or re-signed, and everything needs to be done twice at least.

And if you want to run screaming into the street, try installing new software, buy a phone, or upgrade your computer – you fool.

Of course it’s not all missteps and redo’s with a Mercury retrograde. It is a great time to revisit things for the second time that you may have put aside or to re-read a favorite book, practice a previous meditation, or return to a place you enjoyed in the past.

This is the second of three Mercury retrogrades this year (the usual annual number), and this time it occurs in the Vedic sign of Taurus.



Which area of your life is most affected when Mercury is retrograding through the Vedic sign of Taurus depends upon your Moon sign. Find your Moon sign in the list below for a quick peek at what may be in store. (You can use your Vedic Sun sign or Vedic Rising Sign to gain a little insight into this month’s Mercury retrograde but your Moon sign is the key here.)

*If you do not know your Vedic Moon sign (or Sun sign or Rising Sign!), this is an excellent month to schedule a first-time or follow-up astrology reading!

Aries – During this time Mercury can strongly inhibit your ability to speak clearly. Both spoken and written communications are prone to misinterpretation. Maybe you should take a vow of silence or just nod your way pleasantly through the three weeks. But it is a good time to refresh your acquaintance with other languages you may have learned in the past. Mercurio usted pequeño diablo, te amo!

Taurus – You may feel that you yourself are going backward during this time. For the Taurus person, it may be best to do what you do tend to do anyway: stay fixed. Let everyone else run around and you relax in your recliner with your favorite adult beverage.

Gemini – Mercury retrogrades always affect you strongly, often making you feel you do not know where to do next. For this retrograde, the best place to go is your meditation room (what you don’t have one?) or practice a meditation technique you have done previously. You may also enjoy a return visit to a foreign country if you bought your tickets before the retrograde.

Cancer – Watch for misunderstandings with friends in your communications. Older siblings may present communication challenges as well (but hey, don’t they always?). If you have volunteered for a non-profit in the past, give them a call and see if they need you now.

Leo – Watch those workplace emails and phone calls! Mercury can play tricks with your career communications. On the other hand, maybe you should just quit and go back to your previous job.

Virgo – Long distance travel is complicated now. If you made plans before your trip, do not change them while Mercury is retrograde! Stick with the original itinerary. The last time I did this, I was stuck for days in Costa Rica and decided to get a new astrologer.

Libra – Although you usually tend to be a peacemaker, say anything about your partner’s family during this time and it will be received as a declaration of war. It is a great time to return to a yoga practice. Other than that, practice saying “Whatever you decide is fine with me.”

Scorpio – Partnerships and relationships will be the source of most communication missteps. Say anything you like, and it will be taken the wrong way (“Those pants don’t really make you look fat.”). It can be a good time to repair the damage from old relationship communications and to re-state what you had really meant to say.

Sagittarius – Sometimes old health issues may return, and you have to be extra careful in all your communications with health care professionals. And since this area of life is also about pets (as well as health), your dog will likely misunderstand you and your cat won’t even bother.

Capricorn – Do you have to tell your children twice to do things? Now make that four times. On the other hand, a good time to return to creative projects that were put aside in the past.

Aquarius – Perhaps the most horrible time in your life to do any new electrical work on your home. But it is a great time to make electrical repairs. You can have fun re-visiting your childhood home (as long as your parents aren’t still living there.)

Pisces – Be super careful what you say to your neighbors this time. Even if you try to say something nice like “Thank you for the free yard fertilizer,” it will be taken the wrong way. And those short journeys you make during the day – just leave an hour early. You may make amends with younger siblings for your previous lack of communication – or not.