Perfect Timing

How to Get the Best from Every Moment

Astrology is the science of time. From the moment of your birth to all the major decisions you make, the time of any beginning contains the seed of its ultimate outcome.

Have you ever been in the right place at the right time, when even a minute or a few seconds would have changed your life? We eventually realize that there are no chance encounters or casual conversations. The universe unfolds in perfect synchronicity, conspiring to enlighten us at every moment, if we only knew what time it was!

Vedic Astrology has many ways of telling time, and letting us know when the time is right for something, from purchasing a home, to getting married, or even installing your new computer software (don’t do that now – Mercury is retrograde!)

In fact, astrology originally developed not so much to tell someone’s horoscope but to determine the best time for right actions.

So how can you tune in to this cosmic clock? First, watch the Sun and the Moon!

Beware the Ides of March, Sonny Boy

As Julius Caesar was told before his assassination (by a soothsayer astrologer no doubt), “Beware the Ides of March!”

The Ides of March is officially March 15, but in reality every month holds possible difficulties around the days of the 14th through the 16th.

It’s during these times that the Sun leaves the sign it has been transiting for the past four weeks and enters into the next sign. For example, on May 14th the Sun leaves the Vedic sign of Aries and enters Taurus.

When any planet changes signs, there is a period of confusion and uncertainty as a new adjustment is made. These periods between one state and another are known as “sandhi” in Vedic thought, such as the time between day and night, spring and summer, and so forth.

During the middle of every month, the Ides, the Sun is in a weakened state and the decisions we make at those times may have unexpected consequences because we are operating in a time when there is a major shift of energy.

This mid-month time is best used for meditation, self-reflection, and tuning in to what may be coming into in our life the next 30 days rather than acting upon the energy of the previous 30 days.

This is also true for any planet changing signs. Saturn does this every 2 ½ years, Mars every two years, and the quickly moving Moon that does this every 2½ days!

Bad Moon (Good Moon) Rising

Unlike the Sun, it is more difficult to know when the Moon is changing or between signs unless you have an astrologer or astrology software handy. However, there are some easily discernible good (and bad) Moon times.

The Moon makes major changes at New Moon and Full Moon. It either begins to increase in light or decrease in light, and its “personality” changes dramatically. During this time, much like the middle of the month for the sun, we tend to make unwise emotional decisions as well as purchases.

In some yoga practices, it is advised to take these two “moon days” off from a strong physical practice as injuries are more likely to occur because our decision-making abilities are hampered. And in general, it’s a good idea to not make any major decisions on the Full Moon and New Moon days.

These Moon days, however, are truly excellent for all healing work and meditation, as well as setting intentions for the two weeks before the next moon phase.

Your Sun & Moon Chart

Vedic astrologers can construct a chart that can help you anticipate the challenges and the opportunities that come with each Sun sign change or Moon sign change, and it all depends upon the sign the Moon was in when you were born.

For example, if your Moon was in the Vedic sign of Aquarius when you were born, you can anticipate these positive results occurring from the transits of the Sun during these months:

April 15-May 15 – Confidence, optimism, good health
July 15-August 15 – Courage, self-motivation, victory over obstacles
November 15-December 15 – Strength, success, divine direction
December 15-January 15 – Recognition, honor, self-realization

Basically, every person gets a similar four “good” Sun months a year, the exact months depending on their Moon sign. Once you know these months, it’s fun to track your life and see how true this is for you.

(And should there ever be a New Moon around the Ides of the month, check yourself into the nearest ashram!)


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