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Thank God it’s May in Vedic Astrology

Thank God It’s May!


Although the calendar may say May 3rd, May does not really start until now. Because that is when Mercury finally goes direct after being retrograde for most of April (or maybe your life it could seem).

Imagine that you really, really wanted to do something, to get something going, to move on, to get it done! In other words, acting like an Aries. And that was our problem.

Mercury was retrograding in the Vedic sign of Aries, unable to do what Mercury in Aries loves to do which is to GO!


And now on May 3rd (my first day of May), Mercury is going full Aries on us, making up for lost time, scheduling those trips, signing contracts, upgrading software, writing that book, and finally having a conversation that is not misunderstood every other word. (And do not talk to me about the Venus retrograde last month)

And so this is a mellow month for most of us. Venus is still exalted, lovely and powerful, and giving us the opportunity to enjoy the sensual pleasures of spring fully on us. The Sun is exalted for the first half of the month, and Saturn is getting used to being in the Vedic sign of Sagittarius, feeling a little philosophical and spiritual after plotting scenarios of transformational challenges when in was in its former sign of Scorpio.

Thank the stars and planets it’s May.


Happy New Year – It’s Your Birthday!

At the moment of your birth, your natal chart shows the possible directions of your life, your gifts, your challenges, and your karmic lessons.

It’s the foundation of how our life can unfold if we chose to apply free will and consciousness or simply surrender to fate and ignorance. The natal chart shows your karmic DNA, what you were born with – now what are you going to do with it?

The answer may lie in your yearly chart, the chart that is constructed on your birthday, when the Sun returns to its exact position in the sky at the moment of your birth, or what some astrologers call the “solar return.”

The yearly birth chart (called “varshaphala” which means the “fruits of the year”) is the preview of what the year ahead holds for you beginning with your birthday.

Your birthday is actually your real New Year – when you have a time to make a new start, set direction, affirm resolutions, and take advantage of this natural time to re-set yourself.

Do not make the mistake of taking the old year into your new year. It is a different game now that you can play if you know where the focus will be and the opportunities that come with it.

An astrologer looks at your yearly chart (and this can be done at any time – not just on your birthday) and tells you the trends and directions you may experience from one birthday to the next.

Had a birthday recently? Got one coming up in the next three months? Could be a great time to get that astrological tune-up and see how happy you can make your new year!