Solar Eclipse on November 3rd

This is final eclipse of 2013, and the second solar eclipse of the year. This is a rare hybrid eclipse that goes from a total to a partial and back to a total eclipse. Over a 5000-year span, there are approximately 12,000 solar eclipses. Only 569 are the rare hybrids. People on the Eastern Seaboard will be able to see a brief partial eclipse about 30 minutes after local sunrise.

So what does this eclipse mean astrologically?

A solar eclipse represents the transformation of consciousness (the Sun) and the effects of this day are usually felt over the following 6 months (unlike a lunar eclipse whose effects are generally felt for a month).

Since it occurs in the Vedic sign of Libra, people whose moon, sun or ascendant is in Libra will tend to feel this the most strongly. People with birthdays two days before and two days after the eclipse will get the strongest charge of this change. The area of life that the eclipse occurs in generally undergoes some major change.

All of us, however, will get a major impact in the area of relationships, the natural area of life that is connected to Libra.

Rather than seeing this as something fearful, there is a great opportunity for positive change with an eclipse if we learn to face up to our fears and say “BOO!”  (or maybe OM SURYA NAMAH!).

During the solar eclipse, increasing the Sun energy through yoga practices, mantras and meditations, such as breathing through the right nostril is preferred. On this day, it is advised to meditate and avoid any major life decisions as you will gain a new perspective on yourself as the eclipse passes.

Mercury Goes Direct November 10th  

Mercury comes to a standstill at 3:11 pm Central time on November 10th and then begins its direct journey through the Vedic sign of Libra (Tula). Problems encountered during the previous three-week period will begin to straighten out and all should be well before the end of the month. (On a national level, consider the national insurance website!).

Jupiter Goes Retrograde November 7th

Jupiter goes retrograde on November 7 while in Gemini and the nakshatra of Punarvasu. It remains in retrogression through March 6 2014. A Jupiter retrograde is simply no huge deal – it is retrograde 5 months out of the year, and many people are born with Jupiter retrograde. However, it does bring us some opportunities over the next five months.

The retrograde Jupiter marks a turning inward of awareness and increase of inner growth if we choose to meditate. This is a time to be brutally honest about your integrity with your spiritual practice. Do you have a daily spiritual practice (sadhana)? Does it contain an authentic experience of regular meditation? This is the time to revive a practice that you may have abandoned in the past, or re-visit an old teacher in person or through reading. You can re-connect to your guru, whatever form that may take.

On a mundane level, it is a great time to return to school or studies, particularly for credentialed professions or advanced degrees. It can even be a good time to sort through legal matters that you have been putting off.

Remember that Jupiter is the Great Benefic. It always brings us opportunities but we need the discipline of Saturn to realize them!

Sun Enters Scorpio November 16th

The Sun enters the Vedic sign of Scorpio on Novmber 16th and brings a focus on self-discovery, transformation, mysteries, antiquities, research and sexuality. A great month to begin a yoga practice, study the chakras and astrology, and shed your old snake skin!

The Scorpio Sun Person

If you were born between November 15 to December 15, you are a Scorpio Sun according to Vedic Astrology. People with the Sun in Scorpio are determined and work toward their goals. They have aspirations to help humanity and may be involved with groups that they believe can work for the ultimate good of the country or the world.  Sun in Scorpio people are often attractive people with “action-packed” lives. They may hide their thoughts and actions and may sometimes do things without considering the implications. They are capable and can be successful in their careers, which often include becoming teachers, musicians, or, doing work in medical professions or real estate.

The Scorpio Yogi

The Scorpio Sun Yogi is energetic, persevering, intense, and passionate about their yoga practice. They enjoy an athletic yoga practice that allows for movement, self-discovery, and intensity and will at least dabble in Ashtanga or Vinyasa flow yoga at some point. They need to watch for hidden agendas being brought into a yoga practice as well as emotional indulgence.  They may find themselves drawn into yoga romances and flirtations in the classroom if they are still working on finding a balance in their relationships.  Equally, they also may be the ones who are drawn to the deeply transformational practices of kundalini, tantra and the hidden side of yoga.  One thing for sure about the Scorpio yogi: they are not boring!

The Sexist Sign of All!

You may think I’m still talking about those November Scorpios, but surprise, surprise. The signs ruled by Venus, Taurus and Libra, often give us sensual-seeking hedonists, and of course the fiery Aries folks like to get in and get it on.

But the sexiest sign, is not even a sun sign. It’s a moon sign, or nakshatra, called Bharani.

Bharani is located in the sign of Aries (13 degrees 20 minutes – 26 degrees 40 minutes), and planets located here tend to give an intense interest in all things sexual. In fact, the symbol for this nakshatra is a yoni, or the female reproductive organ. Fittingly, the ruling planet of Bharani is passionate Venus and it is located in a sign ruled by Mars. Venus plus Mars equals physical romantic passion.

Depending upon the nature of the planet located in Bharani, sexuality can be expressed in many ways. Whenever the Moon passes through this sign (as it does for one day every month), it is considered to be a good time for tantric practices and sacred sex.

Interestingly enough, the Moon is in Bharani all day November 16th, the same day the Sun enters Scorpio, and it falls on a Saturday date night. Oh my.

A yogic practice for couples on this day is to sit face to face in meditation. The partner who is holding the receptive, or feminine role, breathes only through the left nostril. The partner in the projective or masculine role breathes through the right nostril. After several minutes, look into each other’s eyes and turn off the cell phones.