On November 12th Venus leaves its sign of Libra and enters the Vedic sign of Scorpio. As you might imagine, Venus in Scorpio brings intensity to our relationships and the fires of passion burn bright. And while there is plenty of sexual charisma to go around for the rest of the month, Saturn is also joining with Venus in Scorpio and the two planets together can create some difficulty in expressing emotional intimacy.

Realize that dropping the pants may be easy but opening the heart can be challenging. The good news is that both planets get a nice aspect from Jupiter so at least we can be philosophical about all of this!



November brings a major astrological event with Saturn entering the Vedic sign of Scorpio on November 2nd where it will be for the next 2 ½ years. When Saturn enters a new sign, it brings significant changes to everyone. It can be very helpful to consult a Vedic astrologer to learn about the changes, opportunities and challenges that this can bring into your life over the next 30 months.

Saturn is the slowest moving and perhaps most “intense” of all the Vedic planets and brings a focus into areas of our lives that need attention and change. If we agree to these changes and practice the qualities of Saturn, we can make amazing progress. If we resist or ignore the message of Saturn, then we usually must suffer and have these changes made for us. The qualities of Saturn that help us during these times of change are: Discipline, Patience, Perseverance, Service and Humility.

The descriptions on my latest blog post, listed according to your birth sign, can give a little preview of Saturn in Scorpio in your life. Ideally, you use the Vedic sign your Moon was located in at the time of your birth and read the description for that sign.

You can also use your Rising Sign, or ascendant, and read that description as well to get some secondary influences.

If you do not know either of these signs in your Vedic chart, then you can use your Vedic Sun sign and get some helpful information as well – but it will not be as accurate as using the Moon sign or the Rising Sign.

Aries – Change and transformation are in the works. A great time to start or increase your yoga practice (particularly Kundalini Yoga) or investigate the occult sciences. Pay attention to shared finances of your partner as these can bring benefits. This usually signals a period of therapeutic change and deep transformation for those who do the work.

Taurus – This will be a good 2 ½ year cycle to work on relationships and partnerships and look at your commitments. One way or the other, you will strengthen or change your relationships in some way. Either you will recommit more strongly or they may be swept away. It is your choice. You may be a little restless, so make sure any moves or changes have a good purpose.

Gemini – A good time to focus on your health and create some powerful healthy habits, particularly in your diet and self-improvement practices.  This would also be a good time to examine how you can be of service in your daily life. Focus on daily routines and perhaps investigate new ways to self-heal.

Cancer – Creative projects and children are highlighted in this period. Create a structure and routine to move your creative projects forward. This is also a good time to return to school or develop good study habits. If your have children, the oldest child needs to take on more responsibility during this period.

Leo – Changes in home or residence could be experienced during this time, or you may simply have a desire to move.  It’s also likely you may have to assume more responsibility around the home. Your mother also may be more demanding now (!) and you need to exercise care that your emotions don’t become too somber.

Virgo – The 7½ year period of Sade Sati (a time of great transformation) ends for you. This should bring a sense of ease and the beginning of new alignments in your life. Realize that life will become smoother and accept the beneficial changes these last 7 to 8 years have brought you.

Libra – Good time to improve your finances by working hard. Curtail your expenses and eliminate your debt. Clear out clutter and excessive possessions. Garage sale your life and be conservative in your spending. Over the next 2 ½ years, you are moving toward new alignments in your life.

Scorpio – Now you’re back in control of your life and plans that may have gone awry are back on track. It’s time to get organized and recommit. You can take on responsibility and strive to excel. Do pay attention to your health and avoid needless worry. At some point during these upcoming 2 ½ years, you will feel as if you turned a corner.

Sagittarius – The 7 ½ year period of Sade Sati officially begins for you. It’s a perfect time to understand and practice the technology of change – yoga and meditation – as this will help you meet the transformational changes these years bring you. It’s time to make the changes you need in your life before they are made for you. The next 2 ½ years can point you in many positive directions if you are willing to be disciplined, humble, and patient.

Capricorn – A great time to think about your long term goals. How do you envision your life ten years from now? Make the goals realistic and prepare yourself for taking each step forward to accomplish them. Plans you make now can provide lasting gains.

Aquarius – A good period for your career. If you are not working, this is a great time to work on your personal projects. You may take on extra responsibilities in your life and you will have the opportunity to work hard and achieve much. Your status improves in the outside world.

Pisces – Excellent for your health, travels (especially work related), and practical accomplishments. A time to relax from all the changes of the previous 2 ½ years and also to renew your spiritual practices. Your father may need additional attention during this time, or you may encounter teachers who challenge you to grow.


Opposites Attract Or Maybe Not: Aries Versus Libra

Astrologically, there is a basic truth in the old saying that “Opposites attract” but that sure doesn’t make relationships any easier. In this monthly blog post, we will look at what your astrological opposite might look like and why it could be difficult as well as complementary.

Ready? In astrology the person that represents your relationship partner is the opposite zodiac sign from your rising sign. The rising sign is the zodiac sign that is “rising” or appearing on the horizon at the time of your birth. It is said to represent the “self” and indicates your temperament and psychology.

Aries Rising and the Libra Partner

If Aries is your rising sign, your partner likely has some qualities of the sign of Libra. Libra partners tend to be relationship oriented and people pleasing souls. They put a high value on harmony in a relationship and dislike confrontation. They can also be indecisive yet very creative and appreciative of beauty.

So if you are Aries rising, this type of partner could both delight you and drive you crazy. Aries is self-centered and Libra is directed toward the other person – that could be good for you Aries. Your impulsive and sometimes (let’s admit it) selfish nature enjoys having a go-along and peace loving Libra mate. Yet you may get frustrated by their sometimes airy and indecisive nature – “just do it” is your mantra.

The pain in this relationship comes from an increasing tendency of the Aries to “roll over” the Libra who keeps giving in but becomes increasingly resentful.

All of a sudden Aries wakes up one day to find their people-pleasing partner is actually a pissed-off partner who is now a classic passive aggressive, unwilling to confront, yet growing dissatisfied with such a self-centered partner. In truth, Libra initially admires the impulsive and active nature of their Aries but they like to feel included, or at least considered, when couple decisions are made.

Aries enjoy debates and arguments and Libras hate them. If you want to seduce a Libra, be the diplomat and not the victor.

If balance can be found (Aries take note!), this relationship can play to each other’s gifts. But it will be up to the Aries to take charge in guiding this relationship to a higher level (and really Aries – don’t you love it that way?)