Explosive Love – Rahu with Mars and Venus

An interesting intensity occurs this month as Venus conjuncts with Rahu, a mysterious and intense shadow planet in Vedic astrology, in the sign of Virgo on November 8, and then Mars conjuncts Rahu a few days later on November 12.
Rahu is known for its ability to intensify and even “blow up” the energy of the planets it comes in contact with. Whatever a planet represents in our life and birth charts, Rahu can make it bigger, bolder, and brasher.

In general, Venus is involved in our relationships and the enjoyment of sensual pleasures of life. Mars represents our energy, combativeness, and impulsivity. Put either of these planets with Rahu, and watch the fun!

To understand the challenges and possibilities that the Venus-Rahu conjunction on November 8th can give you, as well as the Mars-Rahu conjunction on November 12th, find your Vedic (not Western) Sun sign on my blog article and read on.

Remember, these are for fun, as you can tell by my sometime irreverent take on all of this. However, there is an element of truth in all of these as it points to the area of your life that these planetary energies may manifest in a little way or a really major way.

Regardless, do your meditation on these especially intense days and all will be well!

(For even better and more accurate results, however, use your Vedic Moon sign or rising sign in your chart and see what could be in the making for the following signs.)

ARIES – For the Aries Sun or Moon, the Venus conjunction can allow you to understand how serving your partner can bring a new perspective to your relationship. Negatively, it could portend a tendency toward contracting a sexual disease from an unusual hook-up. Uh oh.
The Mars conjunction could allow you to finally triumph over an enemy, obstacle, or disease. Fight to win! On the health side, however, be aware of discomfort in the intestinal tract or ulceration and burning.

TAURUS – For the Taurus Sun or Moon, the Venus conjunction can unleash your creativity; on the other hand, you may overspend on games and make foolish bets on sports games (no more fantasy football for you!).
The Mars-Rahu conjunction this month can allow you to excel in sports or working on physically oriented spiritual techniques (asanas!). It may create anxiety around children and injuries they may suffer.

GEMINI – For the Gemini Sun or Moon, the Venus-Rahu conjunction can be a great time for stay-at-home dates. It can also cause you to overspend on luxuries for your home as well.
The Mars-Rahu conjunction may help you find a way to understand and get rid of long term anger issues. However, be careful regarding accidents around the home or when driving this day.

CANCER – For the Cancer Sun or Moon, the Venus-Rahu conjunction is a great time to cultivate brotherly or sisterly love. It can create a challenge in your communications, however, with neighbors or others in your immediate family.
The Mars-Rahu conjunction finally motivates you to do what you have been putting off, by increasing your courage or your ambition. It may, however, create accidents around your neighborhood or an injury to a sibling.

LEO – For the Leo Sun or Moon, the Venus-Rahu conjunction may ignite our love for foreign food. On the other hand, we may over indulge in foreign food, or eat expensive things not really good for us (chocolate-covered truffles by the box).
The Mars-Rahu conjunction can allow you to use your words to set things right once and for all – speak without fear! It can also lead to explosive outbursts and harsh language.

VIRGO – For the Virgo Sun or Moon, the Venus-Rahu conjunction can allow you to develop self-love and enjoy indulging in healthy foods or activities. On the other hand, it can make you a self-absorbed narcissist.
The Mars-Rahu conjunction gives a strong sense of self-identity and immortality. Or it may create headaches or head injuries. Wear your bike helmet as you test your mortality.

LIBRA – For the Sun or Moon Libra, the Venus-Rahu conjunction can lead to amazingly enjoyable pleasurable experiences with all things foreign, including an exotic romp in the bedroom. On the other hand, it can cause us to overspend on foreign trips or gems.
The Mars-Rahu conjunction can cause injuries as you experience your exotic bedroom romp or ignore your partner’s “safe word.” It can however bring a new zeal or positive obsession with our meditation practice.

SCORPIO (11th) – For the Sun or Moon Scorpio, the Venus-Rahu conjunction can lead us to true platonic love and healthy group relationships. Or it maybe just group sex.
The Mars-Rahu conjunction can allow us to enjoy athletic group activities – beach volleyball would be nice. Alternatively, it could lead to a blow-up with an elder sibling (so don’t play volleyball with your older sister!).

SAGITTARIUS (10th) – For the Sun or Moon Sagittarius, the Venus-Rahu conjunction can create a desire to beautify your workplace, or maybe have an office romance (rarely a good idea).
The Mars-Rahu conjunction can allow you to powerfully assert your career needs. On the other hand, it can lead to a really bad argument with your boss.

CAPRICORN (9th) – For the Sun or Moon Capricorn, the Venus-Rahu conjunction promises an excellent day for bhakti practices and chanting kirtan. It may also lead to an overboard fascination with exotic beauty.
The Mars-Rahu conjunction can reignite your sadhana and spiritual practice! But if you are on a long distance trip, watch for accidents.

AQUARIUS (8th) – For the Sun or Moon Aquarius, the Venus-Rahu conjunction is the classic combination for spiritual tantric practices, sexual or otherwise (but probably sexual). At the other level, it may suggest enjoying the company of sex workers.
The Mars-Rahu conjunction can brings an immense amount of political power and ability to manipulate behind the scenes. Negatively, it is the worse day in your life to start smoking. And of course, any day is a good day to stop.

PISCES (7th) – For the Sun or Moon Pisces, the Venus-Rahu conjunction can lead to immensely pleasurable relationships. On the other hand, it can produce misleading fantasies about your partner (or someone you wish was your partner).
The Mars-Rahu conjunction can give you and your partner the courage to make the change needed to right a drifting relationship. Alternatively, it can just blow it the hell up.