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Super-super Moon & Mighty Mars in Vedic Astrology

LOOK! Up in the Sky! It’s Super Moon!

What is this strange visitor to our planet? It is the Moon, but so very close this time, closer than it will ever be for another 18 years, that it will actually affect tide levels and give yet another excuse for the emotionally imbalanced to howl, drink, sulk, and run naked through the corridors of their minds.

Yes, on November 14 we not only get a Super Moon, but the most amazing Super Duper In Your Face Full Moon in the last 68 years! It will be at its closest perigee, a mere 356,509 kilometers from the top of your head.

Astrologically the “super super moon,” as it has been dubbed, will reach its fullness in the Vedic sign of Aries at 7:52 AM CST, and then even gets a little closer over the following 90 minutes, just in time to squat over you as you pull into the parking lot at work.

This full moon in the 6th house of healing and service and in the nakshtatra of Kritika allows us to see where we need to make changes in our health routines and diet. It is one of the best times this year to give up bad habits. A good time this month to begin educational ventures and if you ever wanted to learn to play the gong or take up drumming, it favors all percussion instruments. The only caveat is this is not the best day to play in the ocean or lake or engage in water activities. But it is a great day for cooking and domestic pursuits.

Enjoy your Super Moon!

Mighty, Mighty, Mars

On November 1, Mars becomes exalted (powerfully and purposefully persuasive) in the Vedic sign of Capricorn. This is the sign where Mars is at its most positively expressive and can bring everyone a big dose of bright red energy that lasts for almost 6 weeks.

And with this great Martian power comes great responsibility to realize new opportunities in your life. If you know your Vedic Moon sign (or your Vedic rising sign or ascendant), you can read the following descriptions for how this may play out in your life. If you do not know this, then maybe you should consult your favorite Vedic astrologer!

For the next 6 weeks, if your Vedic Moon sign or Rising sign is:


Lots of powerful drive in your career. You can make it happen! Just don’t run over anybody or seem too pushy. Avoid the tendency to overwork, but work!


Sadhana, sadhana, sadhana. Mars is in your house of spirituality. An amazing time to begin a strong asana practice or create a daily discipline for yourself.


Probably feeling sexy and rightly so. Activate your kundalini? Go for it! Avoid power plays and secretive people and enjoy the surge of energy in the area of life connected with the unknown.


All about the relationship. Be sure you feel carefully around before you assert yourself with your partner. You do not need to combat to win their love – they are willing to surrender if you show some sensitivity.


Enemies, obstacles, and diseases are vanquished these 6 weeks. Nothing can stand in your way, nor does it want to!


Your creative energy is peaking. Avoid any conflicts with your children, and tackle any new health routines you’ve been considering. Say nothing critical for now – you’re too powerful!


Got something that needs to be done around the home? All sorts of construction projects are highly favorable now. Don’t sass your momma, and take some time to also feel as well as do.


Your courage, bravery, and self motivation are awesome! What do you want? Get it! Play sports with your siblings but play nice.


A good time to take care of business and finances and make wise investments. Channel your energy during this time into your natural talents and innate abilities. You already have the resources you need to get it done!


Your physical health should be at a peak. You are almost indestructible but resist the temptation to let your energy overrun your vitality. A wonderful time to begin a strong physical health routine.


You can meditate like a laser now, and transcend the concerns of your physical body during the stages of meditation.  Success in foreign lands and with foreign people. And you can become an athlete in bedroom sports!


You have powerful friends available now, and a relationship with an older sibling can improve. What is your goal for the next six weeks? Mars will help you reach it!