Mind Over Mouth – Meditating with Mercury

October could be a quiet month or quite a month, depending on where Mercury is in your birth chart.

Retrograde Stops …

On October 9th Mercury ends its retrograde. And honestly, except for perhaps one or two spectacular reversals and mix-ups, this retrograde has been fairly tame for most people. And in fact, some people have received good benefits from this retrograde, such as resolving some difficult issues from their past.

And we can give credit to the Vedic sign of Virgo where Mercury spent all of its retrograde this time since this is the best sign for Mercury to be traveling in. But now things could get weird.

Mercury comes to a seeming standstill on the 9th and our words will have great power this day. So speak consciously and spend a little more time with your mantra practice. You may be able to manifest what you need in your life right now by what you say and how you say it.


Weirdness Begins …

But the weirdness could begin the very next day as Mercury comes into an exact conjunction with the shadow planet Rahu around 4:30 PM Central time. Along with the Rahu-Mercury conjunction in the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni (read more below), the Moon and Sun are also in Virgo plus during the dark phase of the impending New Moon. It’s almost as if Mercury is standing in the shadows and breathing heavily in the dark while its little mind races all about but it can’t go anywhere – yet.

So what happens during a Mercury-Rahu conjunction? While it can be a good time for strong intuition and powerful communication, it can be challenging – particularly with the super critical nature of Virgo coming into play with both the Sun and Moon positioned there.

This is the day to NOT criticize. Do not be critical of your lover, your children, your pets, your boss, and especially yourself. You will over do it.

There can also be an inclination to try and get away with something – a crime of cleverness or intellectual dishonesty. Don’t even think about lying that day – white lie or black, you will be found out.

There may be an inability to express emotion, a fear of mental failure, or delusional thinking. If you are disease phobic, wash your hands and shut up.

These negative traits of this conjunction and low Moon energy are more likely if you have a challenged Moon or Mercury in your chart.


On the Other Hand …

If you have trained your mind and mastered your emotional commotion through meditation, this day could have great promise. You may come up with that big idea that could change your life or the world itself. The intellect can be exceedingly sharp and spiritual insight can come like lightning.You may be able to finally communicate what you have been trying to say for the previous three weeks, and whatever you write that day could live forever.


So It’s Time for a Meditation

This meditation soothes the Moon energy of this day and activates the Mercury energy in a powerful creative way. Do this in the morning and big things could happen this day!



  1. Make fists of both hands at the heart level, left palm facing up and right palm down. Hook the little finger of the left hand around the thumb of the right hand and pull for slight tension. Close the eyes and focus at the third eye.
  2. Chant the mantra AIMA as an extended 3-part sound (AHHH EEEE MAAH) on one long breath. Continue for 11 minutes.
  3. Then relax and bring the back of the hands on the knees, arms fairly straight, and touch the index finger tips to the thumb tips. What you speak after this has great power so chose your next words carefully.


Uttara Phalguni – The Star of Service

In your birthchart, planets in this nakshatra give a compassionate nature and desire to help others. There is a kindness and generosity that brings friends and you enjoy relieving the suffering of others.

The other focus of this nakshatra is on the joy that love, marriage and relationships can brings. In fact, you may have a such a strong desire to never be alone that you may stay in relationships that no longer serve you, particularly if you are a a rescuer. Your strong interest in the the spiritual life, however, can balance your tendency to lose yourself in another person.

Learning to be beneficially alone, such as in a yoga practice or during meditation, brings peace of mind to your relationships and your service-oriented life. Devoting the fruits of your labor to the highest good, as in the practice of karma yoga, is a good way to use this energy. With care, you can practice tantra and sexual mysticism as part of your spiritual path.

Do you have planets in this nakshatra? Ask Mehtab!