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Get Smart! Embrace Your Inner Mercury!

After enduring the Mercury retrograde last month, October puts the smallest “official” planet in its most brilliant position and our brains finally start to work.

Mercury has re-entered its preferred sign of Virgo and on the 12th it reaches its fullest expression this year when it conjuncts with its highest exaltation point AND also experiences a benefic conjunction with expansive and spiritual Jupiter. I’m liking this!

Your perception, understanding and communication can be very acute. Your words will have impact and your thoughts can take you into new realms of both the intellect and the spirit.

This is a good day for marrying analysis with intuition, reading spiritual literature, and chanting mantras.

A nice mudra for your meditation this day is to spread the fingers of both hands apart in front of the heart, palm facing palm, and then touching only the tips of the index fingers (representing Jupiter) and the little fingers (representing Mercury) together.

Intense Love

On the following day (13th), Venus enters the Vedic sign of Scorpio. For the rest of this month, there is a temptation to fall in love deeply and burn intensely. The hotter the fire, the shorter the flame so be respectful when entering into a new relationship. There could be secrets there not yet revealed, and be respectful as well of the power balance that emerges when a relationship becomes sexually charged.

For those already in a committed relationship, all things sexual can hold new fascination yet ultimately this placement can bring a deep inner transformation to the relationship and experience a spiritual love that lasts beyond the physical passion.

Full Moon Riches

The Full Moon on the 15th takes place in the Vedic sign of Aries and the nakshatra of Ashwini.

In India, this Full Moon is known as the Prosperity Moon (Ashwini Pumima) and the traditional deity for this day is Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and abundance.

For us, this is an optimal day for meditating to fulfill our earthly needs, create favorable situations, experience popularity, and protect from negativity.

On this evening of the Full Moon at Yoga Yoga Westlake, we’ll use the sound of the gongs to practice a meditation to bring abundance into our lives and enjoy an extended deep relaxation into the sound of the Jupiter, Moon and Mercury gongs (the traditional planets associated with prosperity. Come join us!

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Full Moon Gong Night: The Prosperity Moon

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