Venus Enters Libra September 6th

After a month of difficult debilitation in the sign of Virgo, Venus enters its own sign of Libra and relationships now take a turn for the better. Art, beauty, harmony, diplomacy, and peace become a bigger part of our lives for the rest of this month.

When Venus is in Libra, we become more partnership oriented. We can now call upon our sensitivity and refinement to bring balance to our most significant relationships. This is also a great month to practice music, take-up a paintbrush, enjoy dance, and shop for beautiful clothes and gemstones.

Be careful you do not over compromise yourself in relationships to the point of resentment. Living harmoniously doesn’t mean you have to give up but you must sometimes simply give in, and enjoy the flow.

Saturn Meets Rahu September 25th – World Comes To An End!

Not actually, but I have been amused by some Eastern astrologers on various websites offering people their “Super Rahu-Saturn package to ward off evil, death and family tragedy” for a bargain end of the world price.
What’s all the fuss about? Well, it seems that on September 25th we will experience the exact conjunction of the heavy-duty planet Saturn with the explosive planet Rahu in the Vedic sign of Libra. These two “potent planets for evil” will join forces to no doubt disrupt our lives…. or will they?

There’s no doubt that these two powerful planets can bring significant changes, but you’ve probably already been experiencing that energy since January of this year when both occupied the sign of Libra, and will continue to do so until June of next year.

Most of us have felt this as an increasing intensity in various areas of our lives, particularly relationships, and a seemingly inexhaustible amount of hard work and occasionally hard times.

The theory is that when these planets finally get exactly together on the 25th that something big will happen, and maybe something not so good.

Yet I think this will be an excellent opportunity to focus our energies, double down on our discipline, and give us a reality check on where we are going. One of the attributes of this conjunction of these two planets in the air sign of Libra is to give us a highly philosophical and detached attitude toward the major issues of in our lives.

The conjunction also gives us a deep interest in foreign philosophies and spiritual practices (like yoga!), and also both the purpose and ambition to take our sadhana (daily spiritual practice) to the next level.

This will be an excellent day to do an extended meditation: 11 minutes, 31 minutes, 62 minutes, or even 2 ½ hours. You can do any meditation, but a suggested meditation for this day is given below.

And just in case you are still worried about impending doom and disaster, remember that this same conjunction has already occurred several times in your life already, about once every 11 ½ years (May 2002, January 1991, July 1979, April 1968, October 1956, etc.) so you will probably have a good chance to be around for the next one in April 2025!

Don’t hesitate – meditate!

Meditation for Saturn and Rahu

This meditation engages the Saturn energy by holding the breath out (suspension or kumbhaka) to awaken intuition through self-blessing. For beginners, 11 minutes will be plenty but advanced students can work up to 31 minutes.

Posture: Sit in an Easy Pose with the eyes 1/10th open.

1) Extend the arms up in a circular arc so the palms and fingers of each hand face down about 6 to 8 inches over the crown of the head. The hands are separated about 12 inches with the thumbs separate from the fingers and hanging loosely.

2) Breathe in a three-part pattern: Inhale in 8 equal strokes or segments. Exhale completely in 8 equal strokes or segments. Suspend (hold) the breath out for 16 beats in the same rhythm.

3) Mentally repeat the four sounds: SAA-TAA-NAA-MAA, one sound per stroke of breath, for the eight strokes of breath for a total of two times as you inhale.

3) Immediately exhale with eight strokes of breath and mentally repeat the four sounds: SAA-TAA-NAA-MAA, one sound per stroke of breath, for the eight strokes of breath for a total of two times.

4) Now hold the breath out – suspend – and mentally repeat the four sounds: SAA-TAA-NAA-MAA four times, or 16 sounds.

5) Continue the breath pattern. Inhale 8 parts, exhale 8 parts, hold out 16 parts. Continue in this pattern for 11 minutes.

6) To end, inhale deeply, and raise the arms high up over the head. Stretch the arms backwards and upwards. Drop the head back and look up. Stretch and extend the lower back and the neck. Now exhale and let the arms down. Repeat 2 more times and relax.

Sun Enters Virgo September 16th

The Sun enters the Vedic sign of Virgo on September 16th and brings a focus on our health and self-improvement routines. A great time to start an exercise or diet program, or re-commit to a daily (habitual!) meditation practice.

The Virgo Sun Person

If you were born between September 15 to October 15, you are a Virgo Sun according to Vedic Astrology. People with the Sun in Virgo are kind, unimposing people with intellect and a substantial education. They are excellent communicators and may be very artistic. They have discretion and are creative in their approach to things. Virgos are open, honest and care sincerely for others. Although others like to be around them for their sincerity, occasionally they can be forceful in their opinions and can be overly critical at times, both of others and themselves. Physically they are not very strong or powerful but are full of talents. They can be successful in their career or in business for they take care of even the little things that others may not recognize as being important.

The Virgo Yogi

The Virgo Sun Yogi is a perfect yoga student.  They are often disciplined, detailed, discerning, organized, and concerned with health. They enjoy a structured and organized yoga practice with attention to specifics, routine, and health-producing benefits.  They like to follow instructions and want to get it “right.”  Do watch for perfectionist tendencies, getting lost in the details of a posture instead of seeing the bigger picture, and a sometime strong desire for purity in practice.


Rahu and Saturn In Bed Together in Swati

Yes, those crazy mischievous planets, Rahu and his buddy Saturn are hanging tight together during the last half of September, smack in the middle of the moon sign (nakshatra) known as Swati.

In general, when planets occupy the area of the zodiac under the influence of Swati (approximately 7 to 20 degrees of Libra), it is a good time to go with the flow and forgo all aggressive behavior. There is a heightened love of learning during this time, and is a great time to read and study yoga as well as attend lectures.  During this period, meditation and a commitment to a regular yoga routine is a must to harness these strong energies. At the same time, there may be a desire to reject discipline and plunge into the material side of life. Periods of solitude can help bring these two planets into balance.

Saturn and Rahu can bring unexpected past karmic consequences (don’t you just love those?) to our attention in a dramatic way, and since these planets have been bouncing around Libra since last January, it is likely to be around relationship issues. Remember this is the time for diplomacy, both on an individual and world-wide level. Do not unleash your personal weapons of mass destruction because you will just blow yourself up as well.

Be disciplined, go with the flow, and take time to appreciate the beauty that is your life.


Fall Equinox arrives September 22

The Fall Equinox arrives September 22 at 3:44 pm (Central Time).  Days and nights will be equalizing and a beautiful time to balance your solar and lunar (male and female) energies as night and day cone into equilibrium.

A good day to practice your balancing postures (or plant your fall Tree!). Another classic approach to practicing yoga on the equinox is a balance between the heating (Sun) postures and the cooling (Moon) postures.

An excellent mantra for balancing the sun and moon energies on this day is RAAA-MAAA, as is the practice of alternate nostril breathing.