Falling Into Place

This month brings us a later than usual Fall Equinox, one planetary retrograde ending and another beginning, plus a solar and a lunar eclipse.

Buckle up the cosmic seat belts and grab your socks or sandals – changes are a’coming!

The changing of the season occurs on Wednesday September 23 with the official arrival of autumn with the Sun in the Vedic sign of Virgo and the Moon in Capricorn, two earth signs that promise a good harvest.

It’s likely that projects, relationships, and journeys begun during the month of Summer Solstice are reaching a turning point, yielding results dependent upon how consciously we have engaged our life over the last three months. It is a time to look at the balance sheet, check the larders (you do have one, don’t you?), evaluate our health, and decide if we need to make a correction in our life now or wait until Winter Solstice and have a correction made for us.

The Equinox is a good time to balance or Sun and Moon energies in our bodies as well. Think alternate nostril breathing (Sun breath – right nostril, Moon breath – left nostril) and using the mantra Raaa-ah (Sun) and Maaa-ah (Moon).

Excuse Me… But I Think Your Mercury Is Retrograding

First let’s give a cheer and squeeze our dear (one) that Venus ends its retrograde on September 6th. Relationships should all get back on track now, and life in general for people who have Libra or Taurus as their ascendants (rising signs) will finally get their lives moving forward.

Celebrate now because on September 17th we get our much-promised Mercury retrograde beginning that runs (backward) until October 9th.

If you want to blame your life’s mistakes on something else for three weeks, you’re in luck now. Otherwise, it is a good time to find lost items, return electronic equipment, revise agreements, return to a place you have been to before, re-read a book you have enjoyed, re-start your mantra practice, return to that writing project, and master pig-Latin (“Ercury-May Ackwards-Bay”).

Actually it is a good time to complete things started before Mercury went retrograde and to practice conscious speaking.

One final bit of encouragement: Mercury is spending all of its retrograde in the Vedic sign of Virgo – its place of exaltation and power. Which means this could be a really, really good Mercury retrograde for some of us. But not for all of us 🙂


A Very Special Lunar Eclipse

There is a partial solar eclipse on September 13th and that’s generally a good day to meditate and relax and back away from major decisions. But the big eclipse news is the Full Lunar Eclipse on September 27th!

This promises to be a dramatic eclipse with beautiful colors and easily visible in North America beginning around 8:30 PM and lasting to 11:30 PM (CDT). Plus it will be our last full lunar eclipse in this area of the world until 2018.

Astrologically, the eclipse occurs in the Vedic sign of Pisces and in the Nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada. Those with their Moon in Pisces or their Sun in Virgo will feel this one strongly.

For all of us, the eclipse in Uttara Bhadrapada brings powerful opportunities in the month ahead for working with the 6th chakra (Third Eye) through mediation and developing our psychic abilities or discovering our yogic powers (siddhis). Health treatments of all types work exceedingly well this day. And it’s a good day to make a promise or to take vows. Go for it!


Uttara Bhadrapada: Star of the Warrior

When the moon is in the nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada (Sept 27th), meditation is highly favorable, particularly those that work with the sixth chakra and develop the psychic powers, or siddhis. While health treatments, promises and vows are encouraged during this time, do not push your yoga practice or attempt strong physical activities. A softer asana practice will get good results, and one can take time to enjoy the sexual practices of yoga as well.

For those of you who have planets in this nakshatra, (Do you? Let’s find out!) your writing and speaking skills can be passionate and influential. You can have insight into the hidden areas of life that creates a mystical nature. Yoga practices that work with the chakras and nadis are important for you and you may find yourself drawn to charitable work.

Religious workers, saints, astrologers, mystics, writers, philosophers, teachers and researchers often have planets in this nakshatra, as do those who deal with death and transformation.