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Moms are from Mars in Vedic Astrology

Moms Are from Mars

On July 11, Mars enters the Vedic sign of Cancer where it will remain until August 26. Mars is not happy in Cancer. Mars is not strong in Cancer. Mars is debilitated in Cancer.

And what does this mean?

Think of Cancer as the sign of the mother, emotions, sensitive feelings, with a deep appreciation for being in a cozy home, cuddling, cooking and nurturing.

Think of Mars as an impetuous adventurer, boldly conquering, achieving its mission, fighting when necessary and certainly not one to dwell upon the sensitive repercussions of its intense actions.

So Mars is not happy being in Cancer, having to act like a mother instead of a soldier, and having to wonder if he hurt someone’s feelings when he stabbed them with his sword.

And the Moon is not happy with Mars being in the sign of the Mother, and when momma’s not happy, nobody’s happy.

Depending upon what area of your life is indicated by the sign of Cancer (and your astrologer knows!), these six weeks of a debilitated Mars will bring specific challenges in your life.

However, everyone can expect to deal with the following issues, at least in a general way:

  • It’s hard to move forward. Mars represents our zeal, motivation and courage to take on the world. When it is debilitated, it feels blocked in its actions. So you will have to make a little extra effort to get projects going. Also, it can hamper our sadhana, our daily spiritual practice, so be aware of emotions sabotaging your commitment to your yoga and meditation practice. Don’t be moody – do your duty!
  • Mothers may be a little difficult. Not a great time to fight with your mom (is there ever a good time?). As soon as you feel any combative energy around maternal issues, just back away.
  • There is a conflict between feeling and doing. We may feel like we need to do something, but there is emotional confusion around the action to take. There is a disconnect between the heart and the gut.
  • Anger doesn’t cut it. Mars in Cancer can create moodiness, repressed anger, and a lot of passive-aggressive behavior in everyone. Watch for it and slow down before you impetuously say or do something you will regret.

So is there anything good about this Mars in Cancer thing? Of course. Here is how we can use this energy to make our lives better:

  • Compassion and courage wins the day. If we can become compassionately courageous (or courageously compassionate!), we will have learned a valuable lesson: you can be both bold and sensitive, feeling and acting, and do a difficult thing with full sensitivity to all those affected by it. Sometimes bad relationships continue because we fear the other person may be hurt by our decision to leave. Yet it may actually be more compassionate and less hurtful to live your truth rather than foster a deception upon the other person.
  • Use righteous anger to change your behavior. If you have been indulging in depressive or mood episodes, or if you have been falling down on your spiritual practice, get a real Martian mad on and kick yourself where you need it.
  • Advocate for mothers and children. Mars is a fighter. Cancer is the mother and the child. Do battle for those who need your courage and voice.
  • Be the warrior with heart. Protect and preserve. Realize that harsh actions can be done with kindness for the right reasons. Dharma is when actions come from the heart, and in the battlefield that is sometimes life, we need the caretakers as well as the soldiers.

And if all else fails, buy your mom a new set of kitchen knives – but don’t be around when she opens them. Mars will understand and the Moon will approve.