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International Gong Player Certification Training Course

October 17, 2020



Gong Player Certification Training

Live and Recorded Webinars, Online Self-Paced Course, and Individual Mentoring 

The most comprehensive online training in the art and science of playing the Gong begins worldwide on October 17, 2020!

Learn to play the Gong in this new online format with live and recorded classroom meetings, a self-paced skill development course with practice sessions, and a private mentoring class with a certified Gong Trainer.

All training is done online, with the ability to participate in live streaming classes and to view (or review) live classes that are recorded for your convenience.

This special training is open to beginning students as well as experienced players who desire a more in-depth and personal experience in exploring the Gong.

Training Schedule and Course Structure

You may choose to enroll in the full course or you may select the modules that are best for you. 

FULL CERTIFICATION COURSE (Includes all four modules below)

PRICE: $795

$500 (CONTACT US if you have previously enrolled or completed the Gong Dharma online course)

Full Registration



October 17-18 (Saturday and Sunday) • 10 am – 2 pm (Central US Time)

(8am-12pm Pacific, 9am-1pm Mountain, 11am-3pm Eastern, 3pm-7pm WET, 4pm-8pm CET)

In this beginning level course, you learn all about the Gong – how its sound is so unique, its history and applications for rituals, healing, and meditation.

Mehtab will take you on a tour of all the various types of Gongs available and how to select your first (second or third) Gong. There is also a demonstration of the basic playing positions for the Gong, how to use various stands and mallets to begin or expand your gong playing ensemble, and a lesson on taking care and cleaning your Gong.

You will learn all the basics of how to play the Gong, how to hold and use the mallet to create the best sounds, how to make basic mallet strikes, and how to strike different areas of the Gong and work with the 14 percussion points.

You will discover the basics of working with the volume of the Gong and how to use rhythm to create a Gong session.

No gong is required for this online course and it will be recorded for your viewing later as well.

PRICE: $195 – Add to cart



November 21-22 (Saturday and Sunday) • 10 am – 2 pm (Central US Time)

(8am-12pm Pacific, 9am-1pm Mountain, 11am-3pm Eastern, 3pm-7pm WET, 4pm-8pm CET)

In this course which requires some knowledge of gong playing and your own gong, you will learn how to work with three components of Gong playing – volume, rhythm and striking area – to create playing sequences and sessions. 

We will explore the use of Gong Maps to illustrate how you can work with the Gong to affect the chakras, state of mind, and the energy of the body.

You will learn the advanced mallet techniques and how to play effectively using two or more mallets.

There is a focus on creating your intuitive playing through experimentation and mediation, and the beginnings of using the Gong therapeutically.

A gong is required for this course so that you may experiment with the online discussion.

PRICE: $195 – Add to cart



(Schedule anytime. A Gong is required for this session. Must be completed by December 31 for certification)

When you are ready for personal instruction, you can schedule a one-hour private mentoring online session with a certified gong trainer. Ask questions, receive personal feedback and suggestions, and watch their personalized instruction to enhance your gong playing skills.

We will set up the session so both the trainer and you can see each other’s gongs as you play and interact.

(If you are taking this session for full certification, this session needs to be completed by December 31.)

PRICE: $195 – Add to cart



Start anytime. Must be completed by December 31 for full certification

A gong is required for this course

This self-paced online training with Mehtab in how to Play the Gong consists of 12 classes with video practice sessions, lectures, illustrations and review questions. Hundreds of students have learned to play the Gong through this dynamic course that builds your gong playing skills at home.

You may log on to this course at any time and progress through the 12 lessons at hone with your own gong.

PRICE: $295 – Enroll Here

A Certification Course from the International Gong Yoga Association

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a diploma as a Certified Gong Player and membership in the International Gong Yoga Association (IGYA). 

Trainers and Faculty

The training faculty is headed by Mehtab Benton, the originator of Gong Yoga and Director of Training for IGYA. The training team includes members from the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, and Chile. The training is taught in English with assistance for Spanish speaking players for private sessions.

City of Los Angeles Participates in Earth Hour | City of Los Angeles


Course Tuition

Full Registration – $795

Basic Gong Training – $195

Advanced Gong Training – $195

Mentoring Session – $195

Gong Dharma – $295

Questions and Answers

Do I need a Gong to participate?

You may attend the first weekend without a Gong. To get the full benefit of the course, however, you need to have a gong for the private session and the last weekend webinar. When you register for the course, we can advise you about obtaining the best Gong for you. 


I have taken other gong trainings. How is this one different?

Mehtab has taught many gong trainings around the world in the last 15 years. This is the first one to include a private mentoring session, a complete self-paced online course, and the opportunity to interact with other gong players in both a large group format and in smaller breakout rooms with a trainer who can offer more individual attention.  


I have no experience with playing music or yoga. Is that okay?

Yes – the training starts with the basics. No musical theory or ability is needed, and no yoga participation is required.


What happens after this training?

This training is a prerequisite to these courses and other gong trainings offered by the International Gong Yoga Association. We are developing online courses for Gong Therapy and Gong Nidra and we will also be scheduling these and other trainings to be held in person in 2021 in the USA and around the world as circumstances allow.


October 17, 2020
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