Meet Your Master

Does your momma tell you what to do? Your boss? Your government?

Who do you allow to be in charge of your life, and who is your master?

For many people, it is their mind that tells them what to do. Their mind is the boss, the mind is the master.

And that’s a mistake. Yogis have said that the mind is a powerful servant but a horrible master. Like all bosses, the mind as its own agenda, and that agenda is usually hidden from us.

We respond to life automatically. We live reactively according to the habits of the mind (many of which were developed by age seven), and we make our decisions based on outdated perceptions of who we truly are.

So if you do not want to mind a master, you must master your mind.

And here’s how.


Meditation is the practice of training the mind to follow the dictates of the soul. Meditation allows us to use the mind to discover the true nature and mission of the self.

Until we know our nature and know why we are here, we will continue to make the same life mistakes over and over until we realize that there must be a better master than the undisciplined mind.

Even the way we view the world and all the people and events in our lives will take on new meaning as we understand not only the nature but the true reason for having a mind.

Much in the same way that the initial physical practices of yoga change our relationship to our body, meditation changes the even more critical relationship to our mind.

You need a system and a way to discover the true functioning of the mind, and then you need to discover the specific method that your mind requires to be disciplined and re-oriented to best serve you.

Kundalini Yoga offers a fully developed philosophy and proved implementation to master your mind.

This March we are offering the training course Mind and Meditation to help you identify the nature of your own mind and then select specific meditations to train it to your needs.

Mind & Meditation Training

Come join us in the most worthwhile adventure a person can undertake: the discovery of self and the mastery of the mind.

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