When we talk about yoga postures and flexibility, most people focus on the wrong things – like hips, shoulders, or hamstrings.  And the yoga postures that people work the hardest to perfect are often about major muscles and joints.

Yet the yogis have said that the age of a person is measured not by number of years but by the flexibility of the spine.

This is especially true in the practice of Kundalini Yoga where spinal flexibility is one of the three most important aspects of a kriya (the other two are strengthening the navel point and expanding the aura).

Almost the entire physical practice of yoga is about preparing the spine for the advanced practices to come.

Understand that all movement is initiated and integrated through the spinal field. All the nerves ultimately connect back to the spine. All the organs are affected by the health of the spine. Even our emotional states are associated and located in different areas of the spine.

Associated with the physical spine is the energetic channel in yoga known as the sushmana that moves the psychic energy, the prana, through the chakra system.

The spine, or the energy channel of the sushmana, must be vertical to the horizontal plane of the earth for the energy in the body to move upward through the chakras and awaken the consciousness that is the union of yoga.

When the spine is flexible and held in a vertical position, such as occurs in meditation or during the practice of Sat Kriya, energy moves upward through the chakras and the higher conscious is activated.

And that is the secret of the spine that unlocks the energy of awareness that ultimately transforms the yoga practitioner.

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