Saturn: The Yogi

Saturn represents the servant, the elderly, the poor, and the renunciate as well as the yogi. From these representations, we understand that Saturn signifies humility, service, discipline, austerities, and a regular spiritual practice.

Saturn is also associated with limitations, contractions, loss, and death, as well as the ability to transcend these qualities through the practice of yoga.

Saturn gives us detachment, commitment, and the ability to work on ourselves spiritually. Saturn allows us to develop patience through time and humility through service. It shows us what is ultimately important, liberation, by removing all the other things in this life that we are attached to.

Saturn also indicates obstruction, disease, sorrow, death, longevity, soil, iron, mines, fear, joints, tendons, knees, nervous disorders, focus, persistence, structure, time, life lessons, agriculture, stability, conservation, servants, humility, and service. 

The purpose of Saturn is to focus, control, and end.

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