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This is the free introduction to Gong Practitioner, the complete certification course in how to play the gong. This course is designed to give you a taste of the depth of knowledge and experience you’ll have in our full Gong Practitioner course (learn more below).

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Gong Practitioner: Online Gong Training

Begin your journey TODAY and go at your own pace! This is a complete certification course in how to play the gong, and students will learn beginner to intermediate gong playing techniques.

No prior musical or gong experience is required, and the course is suitable for beginners as well as those who want to teach others how to play the gong.

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In this training course, you will learn:

  • Techniques for single and combination mallet strikes
  • The effects of playing different areas and percussion points of the gong
  • How to create a full experience of sound with rhythm, volume, and playing patterns
  • How to build playing sequences to create a gong session
  • How to select and take care of your gong
  • The role of intuition and meditation in gong playing
  • The use of the gong in yoga and healing

The course content includes:

Video Lectures

  • Enjoy content in a visual format
  • Watch as many times as you’d like!

Course Content

  • Read the content in a written format
  • Take your time to absorb the concepts and information

Practice Sessions

  • Experience the information!


  • Test your knowledge


  • Talk about your experience

Enroll in Gong Practitioner $295