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Mudra Therapy Training

with Mehtab & Laura Benton

 On-Demand & Self-Paced

Are you a sound healer, yoga student or teacher, therapist, or a healthcare provider?

This online course is for you!

Mudras are among the most powerful techniques of yoga and ayurveda. Easy to use, with only benign effects, therapeutic mudras are an important component for everyone on a journey of healing and personal transformation

You will learn how to use mudras in the practice of yoga, sound healing, astrology, meditation, and Ayurveda in these 8 classes:

  • Introduction to Mudras: History, Uses, and How They Work
  • Basic Mudras: The Most Commonly Used and Effective Mudras
  • Mudras and Ayurveda: Mudras for Healing Specific Conditions
  • Mudras and Ayurveda: How to Use Mudras Therapeutically
  • Yoga and Mudras: Mudras for Meditation and Transformation
  • Chakras and Mudras: Using Mudras to Balance the Chakras
  • Mudras and Astrology: Using Mudras to Strengthen Planetary Energies
  • Conclusion: The Practice of Mudra Sequences and Mudra Therapy

Fee: $195


Mehtab and Laura Benton have trained yoga teachers for 25 years. Mehtab is the author of Gong Therapy, the first book to introduce mudras as an important part of sound therapy. Laura is a clinically certified Ayurvedic educator.