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Vedic Astrology Training

What Your Planets and Signs Tell You


What Your Planets and Signs Tell You is an introductory course in Vedic Astrology based upon your personal birth chart.

No previous knowledge of astrology is required, and you will learn about the signs and planets in your birth chart through 20 interactive classes and videos.

You will learn about relationships, your career, your physical and spiritual well-being, as well as past lives and present karmas.  The planets and signs in your birth chart show you both the challenges and opportunities that exist in every life.

This beginning course in Vedic Astrology helps you better understand yourself and others as you explore the possibilities of becoming an astrologer.

Unsure of your birth time? No problem! We will use the Moon sign to set up your chart. The Moon sign represents the mind and emotions, so you’ll receive clarity on how you mentally and emotionally experience the world. 

This course is designed to be completed in 90 days* or less and you will have access to the course for 90 days after registration.

*Extensions can be offered as needed

Tuition: $295 (save $100 until June 19, 2024!)


Mehtab Benton is the author of Astrology Yoga, the first book on Vedic Astrology and the practices of Yoga for self-transformation. He is an alumnus of the College of Vedic Astrology and has provided astrological guidance, mentoring, and training to students worldwide.