The Magic Mantra


All mantras are magical. Indeed, some of the earliest uses of mantras were to control the elements, appease the planets, or to awaken latent powers.

But there is a mantra in Kundalini Yoga that is sometimes called the
“Magic Mantra” because it has the seeming power to reverse negativity.

That is correct. When properly chanted for a period of time, it becomes impossible to think or speak negatively. If there are negative feelings, they are halted, reversed and redirected by the Magic Mantra.

What is it?

Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad

Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar

My loose translation of the mantra is “There is one (Ek) Creator (Kar) of All (Ong). This Truth (Sat) elevates you (Gur) to the highest state of consciousness (Prasad).”

With such meaning, the proper name of the Magic Mantra is the “Siri Mantra,” or the Great Mantra due to its ability to induce the state of consciousness attained by sages and gods – absolute positivity. Notice that this not the positivity of the “positive-negative” polarity, but a absolute oneness that comes from the positive experience or certain understanding of “Ek Ong Kar.”

The Magic Mantra is also called a Gatka Mantra. Gatka is a word for a strong wooden stick that was used for martial arts in the Punjab, but it also refers to a wooden stock that the oxen driver would stick into the spoke of one of the cart wheels in order to control, or reverse, the direction of the oxen.

A Gatka mantra is thus naturally reversed when chanting. The last four words of the mantra become the first four words when it is repeated, thus “reversing” the chant.

When we consciously reverse a chant in such a manner, over and over, we are causing the mind to break its habit of automatic repetition, such as may occur in recurring thought patterns.

As the mind surrenders its autonomy through the chanting of the mantra, we are able to access the deeper intuition that goes beyond habituated responses. Meditation with this mantra accelerates the development of our intuitive faculty, to see beyond what the mind usually shows us.

With this new insight into ourselves and reality, we gain a non-dual perspective that indeed seems, well, “magical.”

While there are several Kundalini Yoga meditations that use this mantra, my favorite is a simple one.

Simply join the two sides of the open palms together so there is no space between the tips of the little fingers and base of the palms. Allow the joined and slightly cupped hands to float in front of the body at the level of the heart. Focus on the third-eye point and begin chanting.

An ideal length of time is 31-minute but it is said that this mantra can begin to work with as little as five repetitions.  

Try it for 40 or 90 days. You will believe in magic.


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