As a Kundalini Yoga student and teacher, you may have chanted this mantra hundreds of times. It was a link to teachers and teachings that came before us and will come after us, a Golden Chain of a lineage and legacy.

The Piscean explanation of this mantra was that the mantra allows you to call upon an Infinite Creative Consciousness (ONG) and to align yourself with a transcendent teacher (GURU DEV).

With the arrival of the Aquarian Age, and all the changes and challenges that has brought to our community of Kundalini Yoga practitioners, this mantra which initiates the practice of Kundalini Yoga now has an expanded meaning if we are willing to drop the past and align with the new times.

ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO: The creative consciousness of the universe and the transcendent teacher is within me.  

It is not dependent upon an outer spiritual authority or a guru, a preacher or a teacher. It is not embodied in a personality or an individual or an organization. 

Kundalini Yoga not as taught by someone else but as experienced by yourself. 

Drama and trauma, emotion and commotion, reaction and rejection, praise and blame, denial and deification, the turmoil and dance between a student and a teacher, will all be transcended when use this mantra in our consistent and daily spiritual practice.

By your past efforts and your karmas, you have earned the right to practice one of the most powerful methods for self-elevated transformation, Kundalini Yoga.

Own your spiritual authority. Chant the mantra. Do your sadhana.


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