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MAC – Advanced Gong Playing


Advanced Gong Training with Mehtab

March 16-18 • Margaret Austin Retreat Center

Take your gong playing to the next level in this advanced training with Mehtab!

In this special course offered for the first time in the United States, you will learn how to construct playing sequences from a place of intuition and elevation. You will discover how to use the three components of gong playing – rhythm, volume, and placement – to create a journey and tell a story through your gong playing.

You will learn how to play with multiple mallets in a gong session and experience the joy and accomplishment of playing with two mallets to create new and different playing techniques. You will also learn to play two gongs at once and how to complement and play with other gong players in concert and relaxation.

We will explore playing hand-held gongs and how to position gongs in circles, labyrinths and gong chambers. You will also learn how to use “rubbing” and friction mallets, along with other sacred sound instruments, to create gong soundscapes and deep relaxation.

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