Gongs to the Rescue!

Many of us see the Gong as an instrument of transformation, meditation and deep relaxation. Yet one of the early uses of the Gong was for rituals, ceremonies, and for removing or defending against negative energies, such as acts of nature and what might have been “evil spirits.”

While we may not use the Gong today in our culture to ward off storms or block psychic attacks, the Gong is an effective instrument for clearing space and moving stagnant energies out of an environment.

When the Gong is played, a frequency is produced that changes the vibrations within and without the physical body. A harmonic overlay creates a new resonance in our lives and environment and replaces old patterns with new ones.

Musical instruments have long been used for magical purposes; indeed, the drum was first used to warn against and to intimidate enemies, both real and imagined. Think of the early organs played in cathedrals to create a sense of awe and sacredness into what could have been simply a profane or mundane space of gathering.

When moving into old homes or buildings that have accumulated a psychic reservoir of disturbing “vibrations,” the sound of the Gong can inject a new vibration into the space. 

A feng shui method for space clearing is to move through a room, clapping the hands (especially in the corners) to clear away the old energy. Think how much more powerful the sound of the Gong, like a clap of thunder, would be!

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When people ask me if they need to clear the energy of a Gong that has been played by others or played inappropriately, I reply that there is no energy strong enough to resist the energy of a Gong when it is played. 

When the Gong is played, it not only clears the space around it, but also its own energy. 

In the old days, it was said that even being within the sight of a Gong could being deep healing. What this was referring to was that a Gong, once struck, remains in molecular vibration at its frequency, for months or even years. The Gong is continually emitting a vibratory field once it is played that continually affects its surroundings.

Those of us who have lived or played Gongs for a number of years have felt the uplifting vibrations they create in the environment in which they exist. Always healing, always protecting wherever they are placed.

Got bad vibes? Gongs to the rescue!

Try it out!

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