Play the GONG, Heal the World

With Jupiter entering the sign of Sagittarius this month (see my current Astrology newsletter), opportunities abound for learning, teaching and travel to foreign lands for spiritual advancement.

And this is especially true for gong lovers and players! 

The Gong is much more than a musical instrument – it is a portal and a vehicle to higher realms of consciousness, able to produce an intuitive meditative state in those who hear it and those who play it.

The Gong transcends all languages, all cultures, and all backgrounds, with its ability to relax, heal, expand, and connect all of us to a common transcendent experience of self and self-understanding.

This could be your year for a Gong trip – figuratively and literally – as Jupiter, the planet known as the Guru in Vedic astrology, invites us to consider a combination of seeking spiritual seeking and educational travel.

This year, I will have taught and played the Gong in six continents and 16 countries, discovering that wherever you go in the world, the Gong unites us in a consciousness that brings both healing and a sense of peace.

If you love the Gong, if you want to experience group consciousness with brothers and sisters around the world, I invite you to join me and my wife on a gong journey over the next twelve months to play the Gong and heal the world.

Worldwide Gong Trainings and Events

November 2019 – Mexico

November 2019 – Chile

February 2020 – Australia

February 2020 – New Zealand

June 2020 – England

July 2020 – Sweden

July 2020 – Spain

And stay tuned for: Norway, Iceland, Venezuela, Scotland!

And the United States: Texas, California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Virginia, and …